Sleeves on the belt, hyper-pockets, maxi roses and other details to look trendy

It's amazing how one detail makes things trendy! Do you know what is the peculiarity of the clothes of this season? No? And this is important so as not to buy a new thing, and then worry when a girlfriend says that now it’s not right at all ... We’ll talk about the most trendy details of the season.

Fashion trends of the season-2019

The range of techniques and details currently used is so wide that any woman can make up a stylish wardrobe according to her preference and figure. To do this, you can focus on the following characteristics.

  • Outfits of the 80s returned to fashion . Jackets with a high shoulder line have become especially popular.

  • Oversize is not losing ground . This is reflected in the use of volumetric variations of dresses, cardigans and sweaters.

  • Layering also did not leave its positions. At the same time, in clothes you can combine objects of different styles.

  • Naturalness . This criterion applies not only to fabric, but also to decorative elements.

In addition, designers offer several more tricks that will give your clothes a fashionable look.

Increase size

One of the most relevant ways of decorating things is the use of large decorative details . The most important of these will be the following.

Hyper pockets

This controversial element can decorate not only trousers, coats or dresses, but also change the appearance of a simple skirt. They can be real or perform only aesthetic function.

Attention! Using this detail to give originality to a thing, do not add any additional decorations.

Maxi roses

A rose maxi trim will betray your look with tenderness and fragility. But ladies with a dense complexion should use this decor with caution.

Big bows

Decorate women's clothing for more than one year. They will make your image more vivid and attractive . At the same time, they can transform as a dress or blouse, and a skirt and even trousers.

We work with fabric

But it is not necessary to use additional finishing touches, you can create an extraordinary, stylish look at the sewing stage. The following methods are used for this.


This season, they adorn not only traditional dresses and skirts, but are also used as a “highlight” of a beautiful blouse . Especially original pleating looks in combination with asymmetry.


This is a definite hit of the spring-summer season . According to experts, they should be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista.


Another good option for decorating clothes. Shuttlecocks fill your outfit with airiness and tenderness . It is also a good way to give the silhouette volume in the right place.


An original way to stand out in a crowd . But use fringe carefully. The main rule is to know the measure.

Reference! The long fringe used when sewing a dress or skirt looks most attractive if it is located in several tiers.

Changing tradition

Recently, things have appeared more and more often on the fashionable Olympus that at first glance seem ridiculous. But, despite the fact that they look like a tailor's mistake, these items also have their fans. An example of such a variation is the sleeve on the belt .

To create such an outfit, the principle of layering is used. This technique allows you to fill the look with ease and soften the external severity of clothing .

Any suitable wardrobe item can be used for these purposes: shirt, blouse, dress, t-shirt, and so on.

Reference! For extraordinary people, a belt sewn from sleeves is suitable, which can be tied with a beautiful knot on the hips.

How to use fashionable details

And finally, some useful tips on how to create a fashionable look.

  • To begin with, determine the type of your figure : apple, pear, rectangle or hourglass.
  • Next, select a color scheme that matches your color type. According to experts, there are four main color types: winter, summer, spring and autumn. And each of them is suitable for certain colors.

  • Consider the individual characteristics of your figure, such as overweight, short neck, short stature and so on.
  • Based on the data you can determine the style and details that suit you. For example, for thin girls, frills and flounces will help to give the necessary volume, and for a dense physique it is better to choose a fringe finish or large pockets.
  • Do not forget that for a harmonious, complete image, insufficiently correctly selected clothes. You should use accessories : handbags, jewelry, belts and so on.
  • You should not completely copy models from the catwalk, it is enough to use the main features of the outfit you like (but only on condition that they suit you).
  • Do not try to apply all the fashionable details on one thing!
  • Wear clothing that matches your style, age, and mood.