Skirt sun and half-sun: differences, photo

A skirt is one of the most sought after items in any girl’s wardrobe. Thanks to a wide variety of models, color schemes and lengths, a skirt can be chosen even for the most demanding customer. Therefore, photos of models with such a skirt do not leave the pages of women's magazines.

The secret to the success of the sun and half-sun style lies in their femininity and ease of manufacture.

Skirt-sun: the originality of the model

Accurate data on the time and history of this model are not known. However, it still remains very relevant and is present in various variations among the most top designers. Such a model can make a figure look like an hourglass.

Help The skirt is cut out at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the material line of the material.

This moment complicates its sewing a bit, as individual parts of the canvas are lengthened. In the future, the product must be adjusted in length. Therefore, with cuts, allowances are added up to 5 cm wide.

IMPORTANT! A full-fledged sun skirt is rarely sewn, because it requires a large amount of material to make it.

It is mainly chosen for celebrations. Its various modifications are much more popular.

Half-skirt: features of the style

This type is a modification of the above option. Its distinguishing feature is that the product is suitable for almost any type of figure .

Thanks to its free form, it does not require a special fit on a person. She looks great on both thin and full women.

The model can be sewn on a yoke or on an elastic band . The coquette emphasizes a wasp waist and slim silhouette. Eraser allows you to make the size of such a product more versatile.

The product is cut out from a semicircular piece of fabric. Seamless pattern can be designed based on the smell. The half-sun skirt has a variety of styles. It can have a high waist, a wide belt, side and patch pockets . These elements add an extra touch of style.

Attention! The ideality of the form is provided by the layout of the pattern on the fabric. It is carried out taking into account the choice of the correct direction of the warp threads on all parts of the product.

The difference between a skirt and a sun

  • In appearance, the skirt-sun is more magnificent and voluminous . Some girls choose an even wider option, adding various folds.
  • Both models can be of different lengths from mini to maxi. For everyday wear, most women prefer half-sun models . They fit more harmoniously into ordinary life. Cascading waves are not as deep as in the previous model. This gives an interesting optical illusion, making any figure prettier.

Reference! The double sun model is often used for gypsy skirts. For her, choose a suitable material in black with textured flowers.

We continue to consider the differences between these models.

  • The sun is sewn from a whole circle or wedges, and a half-sun from a half circle .
  • The skirt of the sun can be completely absent, because there is the opportunity to cut it out of a whole circle. The sun will have one or two seams .
  • For the manufacture of a skirt-sun, the amount of necessary material increases several times .
  • Semi-sun is better to sew from a material that holds its shape well. While the sun can be made from a more flowing and airy fabric.
  • In the half sun there is often a pocket, which is placed in the seam of the product.

Almost every girl has at least one skirt in her locker. The models considered in this article make it possible to visually narrow the waist and make the figure of a woman more graceful . These options are suitable for both everyday outfits and holiday occasions. Making such a product yourself is quite simple, because in design it looks like a circle with a notch under the waist.