Skirt-slip - fashionable skirt of the season

Girlfriends are already flaunting in slip skirts. Do you have one? But she is today considered one of the most popular items of women's wardrobe .

All fashion designers believe that this, at first glance, similar to a part of underwear skirt should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Satin or silk models can be seen in almost all fashion collections of famous designers.

The originality and types of skirt-slip

Lingerie style in women's fashion still does not give up its position and remains one of the most popular. Slip skirt is a sensual and delicate model that will appeal to lovers of feminine looks.


Important! This is a universal thing that you can wear at a party or go to the store.

It fits perfectly into any female capsule . With the help of such a product, you can create the most diverse, delicate and original images for every day.

Important! The style resembles underwear, but is worn as basic clothing on top. The skirt is usually made of thick satin or delicate silk, lace can be used as a decorative element.


There may be many variations of this product. They depend on the length and style of the model. Very popular are several varieties.


Model just below the knee. A delicate and sexy skirt covering her hips makes a woman desirable and attractive.


For the everyday option, a straight maxi model with two high cuts on the sides is ideal.


The best length is to the knee. Such skirts are usually worn for work or for evening meetings. They can be trimmed with lace around the edge, which looks very sexy.


The most spectacular option is with an "animal" print. Such models are designed for confident and attractive people.


Sexually explicit models . They are suitable for meeting with a loved one or evening dates.

Reference! Colors can be very different, from laconic black to a bright purple hue or even animalistic print.

Each girl will be able to choose the model that suits her the most.

The best combinations with a skirt-slip

This skirt will make any look bright and conspicuous . Its clear advantage is that you can wear it at any time of the day, combining it with a wide variety of women's wardrobe items.

Pick up the top

This model looks best with fabrics of the opposite texture . Satin and silk look very delicate, and in addition to a knitted turtleneck or voluminous knitted sweater, they will look even better.

Fashion designers and stylists offer such combinations of top, considering them the most successful.

Warm outerwear

A long coat, cloak or stylish jacket will be great companions in a slip-on skirt. Stylish urban set will attract the views of others with its elegance and spontaneity.

Oversized jackets and sweaters

Bulky denim or knitted loose sweaters can be a great companion to a long model. The views of the opposite sex are provided to you!

Loose fit shirt

Under the slip skirt, you can casually tuck in a summer denim shirt or plain cotton fabric . In this case, the lower part of the image can be maxi-length.

Crop top

A stylish combination for a hot summer day . Do not forget about sneakers or slippers, with which the set will look even more attractive.

The freer and more relaxed the bow will be, the more attractive the woman will look in the everyday version of the outfit. Pay attention to textured fabrics and their careless wearing. Today it is in fashion.

Stylish looks

Important! With such a model, it is almost impossible to spoil any invented image. This is a universal thing that every self-respecting fashionista should acquire.


To create an office bow, oversized jackets or classic fitted sweaters in low-key shades are perfect.

You can wear a total black outfit by choosing a black skirt and a black turtleneck.

The set will look strictly, despite the slight windiness of the linen style, in which the lower part of the outfit is made.

Complement your skirt with classic heeled boots or sandals. The main thing in a business image is not to use sneakers, slip-on shoes and other similar shoes. They do not comply with a strict dress code.


To create everyday look, choose a skirt depending on the intended situation.

For a walk with friends, wear a midi or maxi model with cuts and comfortable crop tops or sweaters if it is the cold season. Sneakers are a great addition to the look.

If you are going on a date, give preference to a classic midi skirt of an adjacent style. Decorative elements in the form of lace inserts or edging along the edge are allowed. The perfect combination would be a loose shirt, blouse, slim sweater with вами sleeves or a turtleneck .