Skirt Size Chart

With a skirt, any image takes on femininity. Not all styles are equally suitable for all girls. But many want to follow fashion trends, so they select a model that does not fit in size and cut.

How to determine your skirt size?

Incorrectly selected size is one of the main mistakes when choosing a skirt. The narrow version will wrinkle on the sides, bully, twist. Too big model looks baggy, the impression of sloppy image.

What measurements should be taken:

  • waist circumference at the narrowest point;
  • hips in the most prominent place.

Measurements are best done with a centimeter tape. Previously removed all excess clothing, you need to stay in one underwear . It is important to tighten the tape tightly, but not tight. Here observe the "golden" middle ground. At the waist choose the thinnest place. In the hips, the tape is applied to the most prominent spot. After taking measurements, you must compare the data with the table.

Important! Measurements require relaxation to obtain accurate data.

Take measurements in a standing position . The tape is held parallel to the floor. It must not be pulled too tight. If you start dragging out the ruler a lot, you can get the wrong results.

In any case, before buying a skirt, it must be tried on. Even if a woman knows her size for sure, you can make a mistake. When trying on, you need to move around, sit down, carefully looking in the mirror . If the model fully satisfies the customer, then it can be safely purchased.

size table

It is impossible to determine the size of the skirt without an appropriate table. There are several measurement systems: Russian, European and English. To work with the grid, you need to determine in advance the circumference of the waist and hips.

International conformity of sizes and differences between them

In the modern world, online shopping is popular. It is not possible to try on before purchase in most cases. Many people prefer shopping abroad, and the grid there is significantly different, so after receiving the parcel you can be disappointed.

The American system implies the use of numbers from 0 to 30. At the same time, a double interval is observed. To determine your size, you must subtract the figure "38" from the Russian. For example, if in Russia a woman is 50th, then in America - 12.

Important! A perfectly matched model is an opportunity to stick your hand between matter and body. If the palm passes freely, then such a skirt can be safely bought.

To work with the European system, it is necessary to subtract 6 from the Russian size . So with the 50 domestic version, the European size is 44. It is more difficult to work with an international system where letters are used. There is only one option - compare your Russian with a correspondence table.

Skirt Sizing Example

Determining the size of the skirt is quite simple. First you need to measure the circumference of the hips and waist. For example, the first indicator is 80 cm, and the second is 106. The data must be compared with the table. We get the marking "50".

Fashionista Tips

The variety of skirts is quite wide. Models of different lengths and styles are presented, made of various materials. It is necessary to consider the features of the figure when choosing, personal preferences and your own style.

The fabric should be practical. The best materials are cotton, linen and viscose for warm weather. In winter and autumn, it is better to take a product from tweed and wool. To keep the skirt in better shape, synthetic additions should be included. Such options are easily erased and do not crease.

Tips for fashionistas:

  • shoes are selected depending on the material of the skirt - for durable fabrics it is better to take massive shoes, and for lightweight materials you need to wear similar shoes;
  • long models are required to be worn with shoes on high speed, and short ones - with options on a flat sole;
  • The office dress code implies the mandatory presence of tights with a skirt, this rule must be observed in any weather.

The length of the product depends on the age, characteristics of the figure and height of the woman. A correctly selected model can visually make a girl taller, thinner, more feminine.