Skirt with arana knitting needles with schemes

Being able to knit and never pay attention to arana is just a crime, it’s a beautiful pattern. Knitting is always associated with Aran and braids.

The words are a knitted product, and before your eyes a blouse, sweater or other product, but always with braids or arana.

Today we will talk about skirts that are made by complicated, but very powerful patterns with Arana . Each model is beautiful, each is unique and each has a beautiful and understandable description.

Yarn and knitting needles

For Aran, it is better to use light colors. So the pigtails that enter the Arana will be more clearly visible. As for the thickness of the fiber, then the Arani have their own preferences.

It is advisable to pay attention to the average thickness of the thread or especially thick yarn . From thin fiber there is simply no point in making some kind of fabulous weave. The loops will simply be lost and you will not see any patterns or pigtails. Knitting needles respectively for medium and thick yarn.


For plaits, it is very important to knit a pattern. Only here it is very important to note that the larger the product, the more the thread will be pulled together. In this case, a small box will not work.

Arana require a lot of yarn, and therefore it is worth tying a larger sample. This will tell more precisely how many loops, rapports, and how many rows a thing will require.

Step-by-step instructions on how to knit a skirt with arana knitting needles

In Arana, you can simply get lost before you find your unique model. Following the results of many pages, the newest and most chic models were found. Plus - also the most fashionable products for this season. They are voluminous and unusual.

Royal scythe skirt

Very elegant unusual model. More suitable for teens. This magnificent model combines a beautiful tangle and original royal braids .

In work it is necessary:

  • black yarn;
  • knitting needles number 4.


Measure the waist circumference in cm and immediately tie the sample and estimate how many loops will be needed for the elastic of the model.


Use 2 * 1 gum for this charming girl. One front loop should be visible from the outside of the product. The smooth side is inside. Knit 20-25 cm of the rubber band. In the model 168 loops are approximately necessary for the gum.

The basis

It is very important to pay attention to adding immediately after the gum . Only the addition should not be done on the entire circumference, but strictly between the pigtails. Initially, between the pigtails, make 3 loops of hooker and then in each row add two additional loops to the strip for the pattern of hooker. Make additions until 20 loops are involved in the tangle.

For a circumference of 46 skirt sizes, 8 rapports with pigtails were used. The optimal length of this outfit is just above the knee.

Arana Flared Midi Skirt

A cute outfit with such a midi will appeal to young ladies and older women. Clear Arana is a combination of rhombs and braids. The gradual expansion of diamonds down the product is a very effective technique.

In work it is necessary:

  • sand yarn;
  • knitting needles number 2.


Measure the length from the waistline or slightly lower, since the model will not be with a high waist to the line below the knee by 17 cm.


Good highlight gum. It is both a decorative element and very comfortable in the model. It is necessary for this purpose to knit 8 cm of a simple smooth surface.

The basis

Then go to the diagram and calculate how many rapports are needed for your model. For size 48, 14 rapports are needed. Further, each rhombus must be increased by 4 loops and 4 rows as you knit down. To increase the rows, it is necessary to increase the middle of the rhombus, that is, the corners should be done 2 rows later and after the corner an additional 2 rows will appear to narrow the figure.

The result will be no more than 4 rapports down. If you want to make the model very magnificent, then rhombuses should be added not to 4 loops and 4 rows, but to 8 or more.


In the assembly, you only need to sew on the edge of the elastic band of the front surface and then just insert a wide elastic band about 4 cm wide.

The model is ready and just requires fitting and a qualitative assessment of the result.

Arana Skirt Floor-Length

This model, it is very difficult to understand that it is real. It looks so magical . It seems that this statue is perfect and unique. But let's try to connect this difficult little thing. Detailed aran knitting patterns will help well in this.

At work, prepare:

  • light gray yarn;
  • knitting needles number 3.


In measurements, it is better to use two simple measurements - this is the waist and the length of the entire product from that same waist. But it is advisable to measure the model several times as you knit. In order not to tie too short, so someone would call her midi. But there is nothing to do with a product that is too long either, it will drag along the floor, and it is very inconvenient to constantly support something.


Compared to Aran, it is carried out in the simplest way that almost every master has mastered for quite some time. So, knit the front surface of the 2 widths of the prepared gum. You can knit 2, 1 cm wide, but it is better to knit from wider ones.

The basis

It so happened that the model has two schemes at once. It's not that they were found separately or something did not allow them to be made together. They are very voluminous, and therefore it is better to divide in half and read them separately when working.

Scheme number one is rhombuses . The instructions give a model of size 46 and therefore it requires rapport in a circle only 10 times. Necessarily the number of rapports of the first pattern must be even, so that further the output to the pattern is correct.

After knitting rhombuses, the second pattern of arana begins, which is combined with the lovely stripes of the front surface. This pattern is entirely presented in the description.

To expand the model, additions take place along the front lines of the surface.


The border or border of the skirt to the floor is represented by a garter stitch. For her, you just need to knit front loops in each row, not only in the front, but also in the back. Knit 10 rows and finish knitting.

An interesting skirt is ready, and you can try on it. In it you feel like the heroine of a beautiful novel, just as beautiful and unusual.

Here are models that you can make yourself. To solve new puzzles, finish one thing and already think about creating a new knitted product - this is what real masters live.