Sizes of sports bags

When choosing a sports carry, dimensions are not the last thing. The parameters allow you to evaluate the capacity of a particular model and to understand whether there will be enough data. They also reflect how and by whom the handbag in question should be used.

What sizes of sports bags exist?

Standard volume: 30–91 liters, height: 440–700 mm, depth: 180–290 mm, width: 340–450 mm. The manufacturer may release a product with characteristics that do not fit this classification .

Simple sports

Its usable volume varies between 10–45 liters. For a particular model, the indicator may be lower or higher than the specified limits.

Shoe bag

Options for children are 400 mm high and 330 mm wide. The professional press bag is 5-6 cm taller and about the same wider. Solid models are available in volumes of 40–45 liters.

Small on the belt

An accessory sought after by cyclists, skaters, skaters and skiers. They are fixed at the waist and the little things are stored in them. Size example: 24x12 cm.

On wheels

The design facilitates the transportation of a large number of items. They turn to her when traveling to training camps, to international and national competitions. The useful volume of such bags often exceeds the mark of 70 liters.

In a separate category carry bags on wheels designed for golfers. Professional athletes and amateurs store equipment in them. The length of a golf club sometimes reaches 1.2 m. Because of this, the carrying case suitable for golfers has a very large displacement. You can find an option with a volume of over 110 liters. The figure is higher for golf bag cases, in which each club has its own compartment .


Some of them can be used as a backpack and as a carrying bag. Others have wider functionality. There are 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 options. Their internal space is organized in such a way that you can remove and rearrange the walls, attach new compartments .

Important! Such a variety is not cheap. Usually it costs 2-3 times more expensive than a regular sports bag.

Average product length: 40–55 cm. Height: 22–30 cm.


They can be either very large or small. An example of the size of the compact version (they are called pencil cases): 8x8x23 cm. An example of the size of a spacious model: 60x30x30 cm.

For food

Football boxes simultaneously include several containers of food. The accessory is useful for those who practice multiple fractional meals or should take only a certain type of food.

Approximate bag sizes:

  • height: 200-300 mm;
  • length: 350–500 mm;
  • width: 200–300 mm.

Typically, the accessory is additionally equipped with side pockets, which house bottles of sports food.