The size of the wardrobe of Philip Kirkorov surprised Ksenia Sobchak

The Russian pop king has something to surprise, and not only on stage. This was convinced by the famous TV presenter and politician Ksenia Sobchak. An interview with the pop king of the domestic scene took place in mid-May. Then Ksenia Sobchak became the first of the journalists who were honored with the opportunity to visit a huge dressing room in the singer’s luxurious house. The size of the dressing room and its contents inexplicably surprised the host of the program. They really are not comparable.

What is a star wardrobe

The singer admitted, leading Xenia into the dressing room, that she was the first journalist to whom he would show all his wealth. “Women have been in this room, but a journalist - for the first time!” Said Philip.

Sobchak was truly amazed at the sheer size of the dressing room . After all, it can be compared with a small apartment, completely covered with shelves, cabinets and racks. In dense rows there are not only hangers with the most expensive, luxury clothes, but also branded shoes, accessories and hats. The journalist even managed to try on some of them.

Important! Ksenia noted that she considered herself a fan of fashion and a shopaholic, since there is a 50-meter dressing room in her house. However, Kirkorov “overtook” her by the number of outfits.

Philip confirmed that he is also a shopaholic and cannot stop buying things he likes.

Important! A huge dressing room is not only a tribute to the profession, because an artist should not appear in public in the same image twice.

For Philip, buying things is one of his favorite activities, to which he willingly indulges in his free time.

What Kirkorov managed to surprise Ksenia Sobchak

Along with wardrobes stuffed with the most fashionable brand clothes, numerous shelves with stylish shoes of various styles were found in the star’s wardrobe. Here you can find a pair for any occasion and mood.

But the most surprising for the host of the program “Caution Sobchak!” Was the collection of hats and hats of the pop king. Here you can find not only classic hats, panamas and fashionable bright caps, but also unusual leather helmets, similar to the outfit of the soldiers of Ancient Rome, as well as various masks and balaclava.

The singer admitted that when he bought the house, there was a real room for BDSM games in the place of the dressing room . But Philippe is not attracted by such adventures, and it was decided to remake the room under the singer’s huge wardrobe.

The host of the program noted that she, on the contrary, was a lover of such joys. And she wouldn’t mind if someone “went away with a whip”. The singer, laughing, admitted that he prefers a classic relationship.

Interesting! Walking through the huge room, Ksenia was surprised at the abundance of various things. Kirkorov, taking pity on the girl, decided to give her a brand new sweatshirt with a huge application in the form of Mickey Mouse.

“Wear it, girl!” Kirkorov noted. And Ksenia did not keep herself waiting long and immediately tried on a donated item. However, Ksenia also tried on masks and helmets on herself. But the singer did not give her something else from his wardrobe.

Concluding the visit, Ksenia Sobchak admitted that she could not have thought that a man, even a media personality, could have such a huge number of personal items . This abundance made her surprised, although the presenter has seen a lot during her journalistic activities. “My life will never be the same, ” admitted Sobchak.

The result of the visit was a program, the audience of which noted in the comments that the concept of "Kirkorovism" is not in vain among the people. The size and content of the wardrobe has been severely criticized by followers . It was noted that the vast majority of things are tasteless and puffy, with flashy brands.