The size of the suitcase for luggage on the plane (dimensions)

The issue of baggage allowance in air transport worries a lot of tourists, because the rules are changing all the time. What dimensions of suitcases are allowed on board, how much one free seat can weigh, what are the rules for carrying hand luggage - all these issues should be worked out in advance so that when boarding there will be no problems with baggage check-in.

What can be the maximum size of a suitcase?

Today, airlines carry cargo using two systems of measures:

  • by weight - weight concept;
  • by the number of seats - peace concept.

In the weight concept, the total load is taken as the basis, regardless of the number of seats, and in the peace concept, the transportation of 1 free seat per passenger is determined (cabin baggage is not taken into account). The number of seats system limits the standard dimensions of the suitcase to 158 cm, and in the weight system this figure increases to 203 cm.

What is the weight of one suitcase in your luggage?

The weight concept defines a flight with baggage no heavier than 23 kg in economy class, a business class passenger can take 32 kg on board, up to 40 can be carried in the first. And the system of the number of seats determines the baggage allowance at no extra charge for the economy of 23 kg.

If you have a family trip, then it’s convenient enough to take along a suitcase for everyone and, in total, without payment, carry a larger amount of cargo than in the weight concept. However, the weight of the suitcases is not cumulative, that is, the airport staff will not derive the arithmetic mean from underweight in one suitcase and an advantage in another .

Exceeding the weight norm will entail additional expenses, often considerable. Additionally, 10 kg of cargo can be transported per child up to 2 years.

Attention! Many carriers have Economy Basic, Promo or Light tariffs, which provide a fee for any baggage.

Permissible dimensions of the suitcase for hand luggage

It is very convenient to carry a small suitcase, which will be considered as hand baggage, with you in the cabin. This is beneficial for several reasons:

  • The time spent at the airport is saved - after landing you do not have to wait for your luggage;
  • The safety of things is guaranteed - the suitcase was near you all the flight, and you do all the movements outside the plane with it. It cannot be mistakenly issued for another flight or given into the wrong hands;
  • If something was needed during the flight, you can easily take advantage of it. For example, there was a need to take medicine from a first-aid kit in a suitcase.

One economy class passenger can take one piece of hand luggage with him to the cabin for free; it is allowed to carry two into the first and business class . The dimensions of the suitcase, which can be taken into the passenger compartment, should not exceed 115 cm in the sum of the sides. Suitcases of size S (cabin size) are ideal for this.

The standard dimensions of hand luggage are not more than 55 × 40 × 25 cm. Weight should not exceed 10 kg . These are generally accepted rules. However, each carrier has its own standards, which may differ from the standard by 3-5 cm in any direction. Exceeding the rules will entail a surcharge, which is different for different airlines.

Important! Before the flight, check the carrier’s website for the allowable free baggage allowance and its maximum weight.

What if the size and weight are too high?

It is not always possible to fill the suitcase so that the weight does not exceed the prescribed. If the baggage is heavier than the treasured 23 kg (the norm for business class passengers), then without additional payment for a few kg it will not get on top of the plane. The tariff is set by each carrier separately and can range from 10 to 100 euros in different cases.

According to existing standards, a passenger has the right to carry a suitcase with dimensions of 158 cm (203 according to the weight system), luggage of an infant up to 2 years with a total of 115 cm or sports equipment not exceeding 210 cm. Excess will also entail financial costs in favor of the carrier company at her rates.

Carrying suitcases with fragile and heavy items

If the baggage is overweight or the dimensions do not meet the requirements stipulated by the rules, then such a load is defined as heavy. Its transportation is possible only by prior arrangement with the air carrier.

Important! On the day of departure, you will have to arrive at the airport in advance so that you have free time for checking in your baggage.

Luggage with oversized items is transported on the same principle:

  • skiing, sports equipment;
  • musical instruments (guitar, double bass);
  • household appliances (fridge, microwave).

Suitcases with fragile things are marked with special tags, design also requires a margin of time . If the beating cargo fits the dimensions of your hand luggage, you can take it with you to the cabin and not worry about the conditions of its transportation.

Norms of different airlines

Air carriers on their websites post information on baggage rules, maximum allowable dimensions, including for hand luggage. We have collected for you information about these standards from the airlines most relevant for Russian tourists. The following are the dimensions of baggage for free baggage in economy class.

Aeroflot will take on board checked baggage with dimensions not exceeding 158 cm, hand luggage 55 × 40 × 25 cm 1 piece up to 10 kg.

Checked-in free baggage for 1 piece with dimensions not exceeding 158 cm and 23 kg with Aegean Airlines, Air Astana (20 kg), Air Berlin, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Finnair, Iberia, Lufthansa.

Larger number of centimeters restricting baggage - 203 - at S7 Airlines, Utair, Czech Airlines. Ural Airlines indicate specific allowable sizes - 50 × 50 × 100 cm, and for British Airways - 90 × 75 × 43. Qatar Airways has increased cargo dimensions to 300 centimeters.

Cabin baggage of standard 55 × 40 × 25 is negotiated during the flight by airplanes of S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines, Utair. Option 55 × 40 × 23 indicate Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines. In Aegean Airlines, Iberia, Finnair, Air Astana, the maximum dimensions are 56 × 45 × 25, Qatar Airways indicates dimensions up to 50 × 37 × 25, Emirates up to 55 × 38 × 20 cm.