Silicone shoelaces: is the fashion trend practical

Active life dictates its conditions for the selection of shoes. Therefore, often we prefer sneakers or sneakers. Sports shoes are loved for its comfort and convenience. Only here the laces have one not very pleasant feature - they are untied at the wrong time. In addition, the multiple ritual of tying and untying shoelaces is definitely not for the lazy. There is an exit! Need to use modern laces! Have you heard about silicone? Let us examine in more detail what it is: a revolution, a trend in fashion or another bauble?

Modern alternative - silicone shoelaces

The purpose of silicone accessories is no different from traditional ones. Only now they will not have to be tied up each time . Just insert once into the shoes and fasten. In the kit is from 12 to 16 pieces.

Reference. These are special fasteners that are often called "lazy" or "anti-laces." Each is threaded into a special hole in the shoe - eyelets - and fixed.

The peculiarity of silicone fasteners

  • The novelty is made of durable elastic silicone .
  • Thanks to silicone, the sneakers are quickly removable and easy to put on .
  • The color scheme is varied.
  • You can choose the right length for your shoes. Children are offered shorter options, adults, respectively, long.

Reference. Among the manufacturers distinguish Trien, Saphir, Bradex, ClamPic classic. One of the most popular was the Hilaces brand.

Products of different brands differ in price, basic characteristics and the number of fasteners in the kit.

Important! A fashion accessory is suitable not only for sports shoes, but also for classic men's shoes. The main thing is to choose an option with a suitable color.

The popularity of the accessory is gaining momentum. To decide if you need such a novelty, get acquainted with their advantages and disadvantages.


Lazy shoelaces are a useful thing. Eliminates unnecessary troubles and reduces time for dressing / undressing. A good option for children who do not know how to tie shoelaces or do it very slowly and with great reluctance.

Product advantages

  • Simplicity. Insert and lock the clasp only once.
  • Convenience . Silicone laces do not interfere with comfortable movement . They do not push, easily stretch and do not get confused.
  • Universality . The length of the accessory differs only in composition: children's, adults, sports, classic. Suitable for both girls and young people.
  • Safety These shoelaces will not untie at the wrong time . Accordingly, there is no risk of falling into a lace and falling.
  • Fixation . The clasp holds the foot firmly without squeezing it.
  • Originality Antishnurka look unusual and stylish. The palette is distinguished by a variety of colors: from classic shades of white and black to bright options of red, blue, yellow, green. Buyers only need to choose their option.

  • Practicality . Rain, sun or snow is not an obstacle for them. Clasps do not get wet, do not fade, are resistant to temperature extremes.
  • Longevity . For a long time they remain in their original form, do not stretch and do not tear .
  • Ease of care . Just wipe with a wet sponge and your shoelaces like new.
  • Easy to replace . If one of the fasteners still breaks - it does not matter. In the kit there are spare ones.
  • Possibility of use not only for shoes .

Tip. The accessory can be turned into an unusual bracelet or keychain. Or make an original tag for things.


The ever-increasing popularity of products does not mean that they have no shortcomings.


  • High cost . Compared with traditional rag laces, this new product is a bit more expensive.
  • Low availability. Clasps have just begun to enter the daily lives of fashionistas and women of fashion. Therefore, you can not find them in any store.
  • Daily care. To keep the appearance of high quality, it is recommended to wipe the laces daily.