Signed up for fitness after 50: where to go?

In recent years, there has been a literal revolution in relation to sports. Trying to get in shape not only young people, but also older people. And it is right! If you keep your body in good shape, well-being will be your constant companion . That is why the decision to go to the gym after 50 is a must for women who care about their health. Ready to go to the gym? In order to feel comfortable and not look ridiculous, it is important to choose the right equipment. We will tell you what you need.

What clothes to choose

The main condition applicable to the choice of a uniform for sports is convenience. You should be comfortable, important and appearance in sports equipment.

Clothing requirements

  • You should not choose too wide T-shirts and sweaters or baggy wide pants.
  • Do not fit and pulling models in which it is difficult to move.
  • Clothing should fit snugly to the body without being constrained .
  • The fact that it should not make you ashamed of your appearance, and others feel embarrassed, is not worth mentioning.

Important! The best option for classes: a T-shirt and leggings (or capri).


It is necessary to debunk the myth of using only natural materials. 100% cotton in the gym from a useful assistant will turn into a tormentor. The fact is that such things get wet with sweat very quickly. As a result, they become heavier and in the end they can begin to rub. All this is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also harmful.

Important! The best fabrics for sports are polyester, polyamide and lycra.

They are not able to absorb sweat, but, on the contrary, bring it to the surface for evaporation. In addition, this way the skin can “breathe”, which is extremely important.

Style and color

Of course, each determines the aesthetic side of the issue independently. But remember that you do not need to choose bright, “flashy” colors, strange prints. As well as a too open neckline or very short shorts . It will look ridiculous to say the least. Treat your age and status with due respect.

Important! Women over 50 are better off avoiding too dark things. Otherwise, you only emphasize wrinkles, pallor of the skin and other imperfections.

Exercise shoes

In no case should you practice in flip flops, sneakers, moccasins, boots and other ordinary shoes. For sports, only sneakers are suitable.

Shoe requirements

  • Keep your foot as comfortable as possible .
  • Give preference to light models, preferably with mesh inserts.
  • Check also the heel area. There should be a slight steady lift that can lock your foot in.
  • No less attention should be paid to the strength and flexibility of the sole . Try the next test. Rest your toe on the floor and bend your foot. The right shoes will bend exactly in the same place as your foot.

Well-chosen sneakers will save you from possible injuries, sprains and dislocations.

Optional accessories

After the appearance is fully thought out and prepared, it's time to recall the related items, which are indispensable in the hall.

  • Convenient and roomy bag, which fits both clothes and shoes, and all the important little things.
  • Bottle of water . You can buy a special container for reusable use. The main thing to remember: during an exercise session, an average person drinks 0.5 liters of fluid . This is necessary to replenish the body's water balance.
  • Towels (large for the shower and small for the removal of sweat) and hygiene products .
  • For owners of long hair, an elastic band is necessary. Loose, they will only interfere, and after several exercises also look untidy.

  • Fitness bracelet . This device will help track your physical condition. With it, you will always know if your pressure or pulse is normal.

Perhaps now you are fully equipped for a hike in fitness. Successful classes!