The shoulder pads are a favorite trend for feminists. Or where do arms grow from?

At the end of the 20th century, it was difficult to find even a thin blouse without shoulder pads. Then they were forgotten until recently. Now, designers have rediscovered a part that can significantly adjust the silhouette.

What are shoulder pads?

Under the shoulder pads is meant a “device” made of thin foam rubber and fabric (most often - in tone with the clothes for which the part is made), inserted into the shoulder area of ​​a blouse, dress, jacket or jacket.

A little trick is capable of:

  • to give too narrow shoulders a “regular” shape;
  • Correct an asymmetric figure due to scoliosis;
  • to fix a defect in a fabric stretched under the weight of a thing hanging on a hanger for a long time;
  • become an independent decorative element.

Important! A high and wide shoulder pads can scare off its bulkiness. But this object can have different shapes and sizes. So, for the “raglan” sleeve, they came up with a small oval detail - the thing sits with it like a glove!

Why are the shoulder pads called the feminist trend?

The past century has gone down in history as a time when women managed to win a place equal to men in the sun. In sports, in business and in politics! For this, the fragile female shoulders should have become more manly - at least visually . It was then that the shoulder pads came to the rescue.

The beginning was made by courageous athletes and fashion designers inspired by their images: 1931 was marked by the collection of M. Roche and E. Ciparelli, the highlight of which were special shoulder pads borrowed from sports equipment. The innovation soon received powerful reinforcement from Hollywood: the dress shown by Joan Crawford with reinforced shoulders was a signal of a new trend .

The World War II also contributed. Wanting to emphasize their courage, women, holding the ranks with men both at the front and in the rear, put on jackets and jackets with high stiff shoulders . The fashion for femininity returned in the very first post-war decades, and the shoulder pads left women's outfits - flying, emphasizing fragility, sometimes - causing sexuality.

However, the 80s again made us think of it again: ladies like Margaret Thatcher reminded the world of the possibility of a lady to be iron and again to be on a par with men . Clothing acquired sharp contours and enlarged forms, suggesting a pronounced shoulder on any model of women's clothing.

Later, this fashion again lost ground, but not for long. As always, stars intervened in the matter, and here in the clothing with shoulder pads appeared to the public:

  • recognized beauty Kim Kardashian;
  • shocking Lady Gaga;
  • invariably stylish wife of David Beckham.

However, the look of the newly fashionable element has changed a bit!

Advice! Despite the cyclical nature of fashion, it is hardly worth taking off your mother’s mezzanine wrapped outfits from the 80s and 90s and wearing them like in the good old days. However, shaking up this “inheritance” properly, you can add a couple of things with old-style shoulder pads to your wardrobe - a small element of almost vintage can become a highlight!

Fashionable things with shoulder pads - which ones?

Having weaned from silhouettes with a rather massive shoulder line, many fashionistas cautiously look at the innovations of designers - will the image turn out to be too rough?

But the distinguishing feature of the modern shoulder pads was its movement often to the “face” of the thing, although it can also be present on the inside: decorated with rivets, eye-catching buttons, shining rhinestones and sequins and even chains, the item has become a kind of epaulet.

Important! A thing with decorative shoulder pads suggests a minimum of other jewelry, otherwise the bow will be overloaded. A rather discreet necklace, a thin chain with a miniature pendant, a pair of rings.

When, where and with what can I wear them?

It is worth following simple rules so that clothes with a fashionable element look advantageous.

Reinforced shoulders were conceived as the “center player” of the image, and other elements of the ensemble should be more restrained. The most worthy “partners” are things with a tight-fitting visually elongated silhouette. Ideally - equipped with shoulder pads, a blazer with a skinny or any version of tight pants, shorts, a pencil skirt.

A long narrow sleeve is almost mandatory - this combination will emphasize the slimness of the figure. So, a short dress with small shoulder pads and long sleeves will not only visually make it higher, but also will demonstrate the harmony of the legs.

In addition to the traditional horizontal version, models with a slightly upturned pointed top came into fashion. Its purpose is to create the illusion of a taller growth, but, having slightly gone too far with the sharpness of the detail, you can get a fantastic and comical look. The possibility of using a similar element in a business style is also doubtful. But at an informal party, it's worth a try!

Advice! Does the feeling of inner aesthetic flair categorically rebel against the fashion trend? Do not try to drown him! A silhouette with extended shoulders is suitable only for a self-confident person who is not afraid to literally go beyond. If this is not about you, there’s no reason to break the old rule: “Following fashion, don’t freak yourself!”