Should I wear Princess Diana's jewelry for her daughter-in-law?

It is known that Princess Diana was considered a real style icon during her lifetime . Both at social occasions and in ordinary life, she looked amazing. Her outfits were royal luxurious, but at the same time restrained and elegant. The same characteristic can be given to her jewelry collection ...

After the tragic death of the princess, most of the jewelry went to her sons - princes William and Harry. That's why now these jewelry can be seen on Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, spouses of the sons of Diana.

Are they able to wear royal jewelry? Let's take a look together.

Diana's Jewelry at Kate Middleton

The first to wear Diana's jewelry was the consort of William.

Sapphire ring and earrings

One of Diana's most famous jewelry is a magnificent large sapphire ring . It was his prince William who presented Kate to the engagement 8 years ago.

Together with the ring, the bride received elegant sapphire earrings, which also previously belonged to Princess Diana.


The Duchess of Cambridge also got a luxurious tiara called "Nodules of Love . "

Reference! The jewelry consists of large diamonds and pear-shaped pearls.

Kate wears it only at the most important social events where all members of the royal family gather.

Pearl choker

Another pearl jewelry that received the wife of Prince William is a choker. At the end of the 80s it was trendy, and now, after 30 years, it is vintage .

A unique pearl choker with a large diamond clasp fits perfectly into the exquisite images of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Important! The style of Kate Middleton is often compared with the style of Diana, noting their common love for elegant and sophisticated outfits.

It is not at all surprising that the jewelry of the late princess so successfully fit into the images of William's wife.

Meghan Markle in Diana's jewelry

Having adopted the image of Kate in the jewelry of William’s mother, the British were interested in expecting that Meghan Markle would get it.

Aquamarine ring

According to the traditions of Great Britain, each bride should have a blue accessory in her wedding image . Such a subject for Meghan Markle was a large aquamarine ring, which had previously been often seen on Diana.

Diamonds in a wedding ring

In addition, the diamonds used to make Megan's engagement ring were also taken from the jewelry of the late princess.

The stones found a second life in a new jewelry design, which is fully suited to the bold style of the newly made Duchess of Sussex.


During a trip to Australia on Meghan Markle, gold earrings with diamonds in the form of neat butterflies were spotted. The British remember that Diana really liked to wear them. Perhaps this is a tribute to the mother-in-law. After all, she often wore this jewelry during her long trips.

A bracelet

The Duchess of Sussex also inherited from Princess Diana an elegant gold bracelet, more than once seen in the hands of both women.

Kate and Megan - worthy heirs?

Thanks to her refined taste and sophisticated style, Diana made famous all over the world not only her personal jewelry, but also the jewels of the royal family.

Both young women are given the jewels they got. However, one cannot but note some subtleties.

Kate Middleton is a worthy successor to this heritage, a real lady, a new icon in the style of Great Britain .

Important! Kate is the wife of the future king, so she has free access to all the decorations of the courtyard: from rings to tiaras.

This can not boast Meghan Markle . Since she is the wife of the youngest son of the princess, she has to be content with only the personal jewelry of the late Diana. Megan does not wear royal tiaras, which at different times could be seen even on Elizabeth II.

After the engagement and marriage, the style of the American Megan has changed significantly towards restraint, sophistication and modest elegance. But she never became a style icon . This unofficial, but honorable title, she lost to the native Englishwoman Kate Middleton.