Should I wear a backpack after 50?

A backpack is an incredibly comfortable thing. This is an accessory that allows you to correctly stack things of different types, and not one of them will break or doubt. For more convenient placement and sorting of objects, special removable compartments were invented. Put them in your shoulder bag and you can save yourself a lot of trouble. There is only one pressing question: is it allowed me to use a backpack because of my age, do I look like a young person with him ?

Can I wear a backpack?

The wardrobe of a woman older than 50 years is focused on classics and restrained elegance . Hence the doubt arises whether mature ladies need a backpack, because this accessory, in its traditional embodiment, gravitates to sports and street styles. However, in addition to the canonical version, there are other models. It is them that are worth using.

Important! In fact, a backpack is much more appropriate than many recommended models of bags. For example, the same roomy or shapeless bag. This works not only on the psychological, but also on the physical level. Under the weight of a huge handbag, a woman is hunched over. Stoop and stiffness strongly add age.

Which models are suitable for 50 year olds?

To begin, we define inappropriate options. These include:

  • sack;
  • transparent backpacks;
  • plush toy models;
  • options designed for simultaneous use with icons, pendants, bright optional accessories;
  • shoulder bags with vyrviglazny prints, with a metal "rocker" decor, cats, sequins, beads, rhinestones;
  • models of acid shades.

Avoid not only the listed options, but also the abundance of external pockets, decor, departments. The first and last points are superfluous, since there is no need for them in everyday life. They are completely replaced by enclosed compartments. Such an accessory not only allows you to free the backpack case from everything that is tourist and sports, but also saves things better . There is the possibility of neat socks and a systematic placement of bulk objects, liquids and easily breaking trinkets.

Important! Mature women should not go far from a conservative style. Therefore, your backpack should have more classic than sports characteristics.

Backpack features

In order not to pass for an unsuccessfully young person, but to please yourself with a stylish and fashionable accessory, consider your own physique, the colors of the wardrobe and the places where you will appear with the backpack. These points are directly reflected in the material, size, shape and functionality of the shoulder bag.


Doubtful options are plush, denim, fabric with cheerful colorful patterns and acid colors. Successful decisions: leather (not varnished and not textured, in any case), suede, velvet . Artificial materials are also appropriate, but only on condition that the product from them does not look cheap.

Shade choose calm . As a guide, you can take the color palette of your personal wardrobe. In it you obviously do not have ruminant pink and light green, so let them not appear on your handbags, including shoulder bags. The best solution is to stop on muted tones. Pure, juicy and deep are not suitable, as they do not agree well with the color palette of basic things for those over 40 or 50.

Important! Do not forget the rule that we choose darker shades for winter and autumn, and lighter shades for spring and summer.

Of the recommended combinations - the union of leather (leatherette) and black. Black, in general, is tough and unyielding, and when combined with the skin within the backpack, it becomes exceptionally catchy and expansive. Composing a harmonious image with him will be extremely difficult.


You need to remember the main thing: a backpack is an order of magnitude larger than a bag of about the same size . Therefore, you should not buy a very large backpack. You will not be able to fully utilize its internal space, but it will stretch your shoulders.

After reading the previous paragraph, some will go to the store for miniature shoulder bags. So we are arranged that we love extremes: if not a giant accessory, then a microscopic one. However, you need to be realistic: an adult woman who crossed the threshold of 50 years should not use small backpacks .

Casting aside extremes, focus on models from the “golden mean” category . By the way, it is represented incredibly widely. The large variation is due to the fact that shoulder bags are selected based on the width of the waist and back. The larger the girth of these zones, the larger the backpack should be.

Important! How to determine the volume and size? By the method of exceptions and fitting. During them it will become clear what type of accessories look harmonious on your figure.

The form

Say no to the plush cartoon characters. These accessories came into adult fashion by mistake. In fact, they can only be worn by preschoolers, well, teenage girls who like to watch cute and daring accents within the same image.


You are not a tourist and do not pretend to be a master of sports, because you do not need models that are replete with outer pockets . The maximum that you need is a compartment for a water bottle and a small pocket for small items located at the bottom or top of the accessory. Moreover, the first is better to refuse.

Important! Make sure that the outer pockets do not excessively contrast with the main gamut, and their locks and other accessories are matte. Shiny does not fit.

If external “lotions” are not needed, then internal ones can be beneficial. True, the ideal option, suitable for a particular person and meeting his needs, is not easy to find. It is much easier to purchase a hollow inside backpack with one small compartment for money and supplement it with a storage system.

Where to wear a backpack?

Limit your reasons to affairs not related to work and visits to government agencies. Even the most classic design backpack can not fit into a business image. It also will not help to see in you a respected mature personality, an official representative of yourself and your children.

Examples of successful images with a backpack for 50 years

  1. A dark backpack, the upper wardrobe item matches his tone, bright plain trousers ( cut according to the shape and avoid extremes in the form of tightness and excessive width ).
  2. Jeans of the right fit and classic color, a plain shirt that echoes the shade with the bottom, a jacket (choose a quiet print, for example, black and white check), a scarf.
  3. Dark trousers (jeans), moderately loose sweater (for example, burgundy shade), oiled-burgundy backpack.