Should a Christian wear a scarf outside the temple?

The question of whether a Christian undertakes to wear a scarf outside the temple does not lose its relevance for many centuries. The thing is that there is no clear explanation, except for the only mention in the Holy Scriptures. Although it says that every wife who prays with her head open shames her head. According to the scripture, the wife was considered in the power of the husband, and he was reckoned with the image, as well as the glory of God, then the wife should not appear in public without a cape on her head in the form of a scarf. Therefore, the scripture states that the wife must have on her head her own sign of authority over her, for the Angels.

Does a Christian need to wear a scarf outside the temple

It has long been believed that a Christian woman who was married should certainly have to wear a scarf on her head, thereby symbolizing loyalty and belonging to her husband. Based on such a statement, a woman who did not want to or simply refused to cover her head was considered a straight-haired woman, which amounted to depravity. And this was inappropriate behavior for the Orthodox Christian, and she was condemned for it, since she defiled her husband and God.

Reference! In ancient times, virgins were allowed not to hide their hair under a scarf and were even allowed to take communion without a designated headdress. To this day, this situation remains unchanged.

Opinion of the church

As for the opinion of the church, it is unambiguous, and priests urge Orthodox, married women to wear headscarves not only when they attend church or church, when they turn to God in prayers, but also in everyday life. But in the current society, the head attribute in the form of a headscarf will not always be in harmony with the dress code established by companies for employees. Therefore, the clergy do not present strict requirements for wearing scarves, but they do not approve of such acts from the point of view of the Orthodox faith. Although they do not create obstacles for people who are not yet strong in their faith, but who are on the true path.

Summing up, it should be said that Orthodox women who are truly faithful to their faith not only in soul adhere to established canons and try to dress in a restrained manner so as not to tempt the intemperate views of the opposite sex. But the perception of established church canons at the present time can be interpreted by people differently based on the measure of their depravity.