Should bedding be returned or exchanged

Consumer goods are divided into two categories - non-refundable and non-refundable. Sometimes people shop, which they later regret for some reason.

For example, household appliances are subject to return. They can be returned without problems within two weeks, with uncut tags and if there is a check. Non-refundable hygiene products and many food products. When buying bedding, one may wonder: is it possible to return it?

Bedding Returns

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question “is it possible to return bed linen”. There are conditions that you need to pay attention to when returning the product. These conditions include the material from which the linen is made, whether it was printed or left in the package, and others. The grounds may be different: it did not fit in size, defects (defects) were found on the fabric, or it simply disintegrated or was not useful.

The question of how to return the product or whether it can be done can be answered based on legislation.

It often happens that bedding cannot be returned. If it was bought not in a large hypermarket, but in a small private store, then there is a chance that a good seller will go forward and take the laundry back. However, most often the opposite happens. Merchandise to be sold is beautifully wrapped and everything is done to be bought. After the buyer unpacks the packaging and sees the defect, the store does not accept the product back, based on the law. Not every seller is well versed in the laws, or is trying to cheat. There are a few myths here.

Product Return Myths

The most common myth is that any product can be returned within two weeks. This is not true. As already mentioned above, not all products are included in the list of goods that can be returned within two weeks from the date of purchase. The second common myth is that bedding is absolutely non-refundable, as is the bottom, as it is included in the list of woven products. There is such a law, it’s true. Most often, sellers refer to him, not wanting to take the goods back.

But you should not confuse bedding with underwear. The underbody refers to personal goods, and it cannot be returned. And the bed has special circumstances for the return. Those who claim that bedding is clearly not refundable are deeply mistaken. Based on the laws, you can find out in which cases the product is subject to return.

What is written in the laws

Indeed, there is a law called the “Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights” and a number of legislative documents that clearly spell out the list of goods that cannot be turned in. Among them are knitwear and other items from the linen category. But GOST does not mean bedding by these products. The GOST lists a list of goods, among which there is no mention of bedding.

Various stockings, socks, underwear, pajamas and the like. All that is described in the list is underwear, not bedding. If you need more detailed information about the law - it can easily be found through a search engine. Out of ignorance of the laws, sellers may stubbornly refuse to return the goods. Then some people turn to lawyers. Here, too, everything depends on the specialist, his interests and the professional point of view, but more often linen comes back. If the product was defective, all material losses are paid by the seller.

How to contact the store to make a refund

If the presentation of the packaging and the product itself is not disturbed, it is worth at least trying to hand over the linen. If you are sure that the product has a presentation and you have to accept it back, but the seller does not agree to anything, you should contact the store administrator or director. If this did not work, you can go further by contacting the consumer protection society or the manufacturer. However, in the latter case, you need to make sure that the purchased linen is not a fake. Especially.

The law says that a return is possible if the buyer is not satisfied with the size, style, print (color) or equipment. In such cases, the purchased kit can simply be replaced with another, which will suit all parameters. At the same time, do not forget that claims can be made if more than two weeks have not passed since the purchase.

Note! The product must not be used or damaged, packaging, receipt are not broken, the kit must be fully assembled as it was at the time of purchase. It is impossible to return the washed goods, even if it was just washed, but not used. If the buyer was informed about this in advance when buying linen with a marriage, then it will not be possible to return it.

If the kit is damaged or partially returned, the buyer simply changed his mind to buy, more than 14 days have passed since the purchase, then they can refuse to return the goods of this category and this will be absolutely legal. prompted to return linen to the store. Packaging, as has already been written, should be kept as much as possible. If there is a serious reason for a refund, the seller must issue it.

Order of registration

First you need to write a statement stating the reasons. In a statement, the buyer refers to the manufacturer or seller. The application is written in the store where the goods were purchased. Money is returned depending on when the application is written. If the application is written on the day of purchase - the money must be returned the next day. Money is paid from the cash desk, in which payment was made for the returned goods.

Important! A check must be attached to the application, and the buyer’s passport must also be presented. The statement must indicate the circumstances of the purchase, time, store address and date of purchase. If the product is returned due to marriage or inadequate quality, the buyer has the right to a refund not only for the goods, but also compensation for material damage.

Then you need to attach a statement of inadequate quality to the application. It is necessary to make a copy of the written statement, and so that the cashier signs both the copy and the statement. For the seller with the return, it is also not so simple.

When returning bedding, the Torg-13 Form is filled out. it must be filled either by the cashier (or seller) who made the sale, or by the senior cashier. Cashiers with little experience most often do not know how to do such operations and are always called the senior cashier. The column “sender” and the column “recipient” are filled in, where the data of the buyer and seller are written off, respectively.

The cashier (seller) will need to draw up an act on the return of money in the form of KM-3, and the money paid to the buyer must be reflected in a special transaction log. If the application is not written on the day of purchase, then the return is made a little differently. Presentation of a check and passport remains mandatory, the application is filled out by the buyer in a free form. The cashier, in turn, returns the money not from the cash desk to which they were allocated, but from the general cash desk of the organization.

In this case, there is no need to compose KM-3 - money is issued on a cash warrant, which combines future expenses. Filling out the TORG-13 form remains a must. The terms of the refund must be checked with the cashier / seller. Non-cash payment is possible.

Memo how to choose bedding

How to choose a product so that you don’t have to take it in the future? Initially, you need to decide on which bed to buy linen, what size of blankets and pillows. Usually it is a double, single or one and a half. You need to know about this in advance so that the selected product is not small or, conversely, large. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the material. Sometimes the look in the package is quite misleading, and when unpacking it turns out that the fabric is not at all pleasant!

Or material to which a person may have allergic reactions and rashes. On the packaging they write in detail what linen is made of. It is worth paying attention to the print. Stores must provide a set of laundry in expanded form (which is not intended for sale), so that the buyer is familiar with the colors in advance. If, when going to the store, all the requirements for size, style, color of the desired kit are taken into account, return incidents can be easily avoided. After all, the procedure itself is tiring for both the seller and the buyer.

A detailed article on how to choose bedding.