Shorts and knee-highs - how to look stylish, not pioneering

Knee-highs + shorts = pioneer combination? Three "ha"! If you still think so, look at these photos and convince me that only children can dress like this.

The hard workers-designers have come up with such an abundance of the most diverse kinds of shorts and golfs for us - all kinds of shapes, colors and materials that the roof can go from variants of only their combinations with each other! And if you add shoes to this, and even outerwear, and even all kinds of accessories, oooh ...

I'll try to put the roof back in place and share with you the beautiful - the most stylish combinations, of course, backed by beautiful photos.

How to make a combination of “shorts + knee-highs” stylish

As I said, there are a lot of options, but for a start, let's decide who in general such a "pioneer" might suit. Are 90-60-90 binding? But what about the endless aunts of Luba and the women of Zina, is it possible for them?

To whom the combination is suitable

Yes, it is possible for aunts Lyubam, and for women Zina it is possible, and even it is not necessary to possess model parameters! It is enough to follow a few rules.

  • All you need to hide is hiding! Fortunately, the combination of "shorts + knee-highs" allows this. After all, only a small strip of leg is open in it, which can be wider or narrower, higher or lower, and this is why we are already dancing.
  • Accordingly, we hide the full hips with elongated shorts, and we select the socks exactly in size . Otherwise, the transmitted leg with a dangling layer of uh-uh-uh ... skin will cause associations with the dough that escaped from the pan. Volumetric woolen or knitted patterns are your friends!
  • Don't like the shape of your knees? Golfs higher - and go!
  • Too thin legs? May light golf socks with a horizontal strip be with you.
  • Happy owner of the “ inverted triangle ” figure? Trim thin hips with wide shorts.
  • Short-legs can enjoy the existence of vertical-striped golfs, and if you add high-heeled shoes to them, then see how you would not be taken to the top models!

REFERENCE! This combination has no restrictions not only for bodies and ages, but also for clothing styles. Casual, preppy, sports, grunge, boho, romantic - everything is subject to him! And even the seasons are not an obstacle - you can wear it with warm tights even in winter.

What socks to choose

They can be classified by length (below, above the knees or average length) and by material (cotton, nylon, wool, lace or mesh). And any, ANY of them can be combined with shorts . See for yourself.

Here you have black knitwear with jeans .

Here is a light wool option .

Here are a few more options, including midi length with fabric and leather shorts.


What shorts can be worn with knee-highs

Well, you already understand, right? With ANYONE!

Shoes and accessories to create a stylish look

But with shoes it’s more interesting, because there are some nuances. For example, there is such a pattern: the higher the heel, the more uniform should be golfs . Well, and accordingly, vice versa: if you want crazy prints - pick up flat shoes, boots or sports shoes for them .

Now I’ll talk about the super-mega-trend . Simple magic: take black boots or shoes . Add to them exactly the same black dense knee-highs. Pam! And we got the boots! Well, of course, if you look closely, the deception will be noticeable, but that's the point. After all, those who notice will understand that you did not just put on over the knee boots, but carried out clever manipulations.

Another life hack for thin people - slightly harmonious knee - high socks well hide excessive thinness and look simply charming .

I summarize. Shorts and knee-highs are cool, sexy and not defiant at the same time . So I urge: experiment, combine and push pioneer associations away!