Shorts - 2019/20 fashion: cargo, shorts-skirt, military or classic?

Shorts are an indispensable attribute of a fashionable wardrobe 2019/2020. This universal thing is appropriate in any environment, and many girls are not averse to showing beautiful legs. In addition, this type of clothing is comfortable and elegant.

Overview of fashionable models of shorts 2019/20

Women's bows with shorts are very popular this season. Further in the article we will take a closer look at current models and trendy combinations.


Denim is always at the peak of popularity. Stylish shorts will be appropriate in a daily bustle, on vacation or traveling . In one form or another, they must be present in the wardrobe of each representative of the fair sex.

Torn models will bring a fresh touch to the image. Moreover, they can be made independently by cutting old jeans and leaving the edge unprocessed. Especially popular are bleached, color models or with a gradient transition from light to dark.

Attention! Denim products can be decorated with lace, applique, embroidery, rhinestones, various buttons and fringe.

Jumpsuit - new 2019/20

A trendy novelty of the season are jumpsuit shorts. The outfit can become the basis of an exquisite summer look for a party, relaxation or everyday life.

For a festive occasion, you can choose a model from silk or satin with an open back and decorative inserts.

For a beach party, opt for striped cotton patterns. Street-style is presented in the new season with denim jumpsuits.

With sequins

The sequin model is perfect for a summer open-air disco. It will literally allow you to shine and become a holiday star. A bow can be complemented with a refined top with straps, a jacket and high-heeled sandals.

There are options for shorts to a standard length, and more daring - ultrashort . The cut is also diverse: things can be fitted, tight and loose.

Accessories for such clothes should be selected with extreme caution: they must be strict and concise.

Reference! Shortened models certainly attract attention. Therefore, it is better to wear them with self-confident girls with a perfect figure.


Leather items will be in demand not only in the summer season. Free-style models look refined and elegant. Cropped items are best chosen with high waist and catchy jewelry.

So, a lot of rivets will give the image extravagance. Shorts are harmoniously combined with a snow-white top, a jacket, a leather jacket, stilettos or sneakers.


Cargo are one of the varieties of shorts with many patch pockets . Pockets are spacious and comfortable. You can put the necessary things in them: a phone, keys, a lighter and much more.

The traditional version assumes the presence of at least four pockets . The style is considered unofficial and refers to street fashion.

Skirt shorts - new 2019/20

For those who do not like shorts in the usual version, designers have prepared a large assortment of original shorts in the form of a skirt. The product looks feminine and elegant.

Having picked up the necessary length, the skirt shorts can be worn even for work with a non-strict dress code.

A snow-white skirt-shorts looks stylish in combination with a bright top, cap, backpack and sunglasses . Summer extended options are better to choose in brighter shades.

From shoes, you can choose sneakers, sneakers or platform shoes.

Long shorts

Long models made of thick materials, such as wool or tweed, can be an excellent alternative to a classic office skirt.

Business style involves flared options. Strictness will add lapels, as well as arrows. Products above the knee can be combined with tight tights and a jacket. In this outfit, comfort will be provided throughout the day.

Advice! Long styles are often chosen by girls who want to hide the imperfections of the figure.


White color, of course, has long been a summer classic. Shorts fit perfectly with a denim shirt or jacket.

In cooler weather, you can wear a knitted sweater or satin sweater. Decoration of the image will be any belt in a contrasting color . Novelty of the season - lace shorts or with inserts.

Suit with shorts

The suit, consisting of shorts and a jacket, will emphasize all the advantages of a female figure, and if necessary, will hide its imperfections. The cell and strip are popular.

This combination can be combined with a blouse and top. The completeness of the image will give accessories and stylish shoes.

Important! By choosing the desired length and style of the product, you can create a unique bow suitable for office and business meetings.

High-waisted shorts - trend 2019/20

The biggest hit of the year is high-waisted shorts. They are able to emphasize the dignity of the figure, because, thanks to the design, the proportions of the body are visually improved. In particular, the silhouette visually lengthens, and the legs seem slimmer.

More often, models differ in a free cut, have pinches at the waist. For beauty You can choose a spectacular strap.

Bermuda shorts - new look 2019/20

Bermuda free cut (to the knees and below) relate to office models . Girls prefer them for workdays. The style is named after the islands, where it originally appeared as part of a summer office suit.

Fashionistas fell in love with these models, as they ideally mask the completeness and other imperfections of the figure.


Among the frankly short models safari should be highlighted . Style refers to the retro 70s of the last century.

A loose and comfortable fit with a perfect fit triumphantly returned in the 2019/20 season.


Products in a military color will add a bit of extravagance and extravagance to the image. They are distinguished by a strict shape and the presence of large pockets. Despite its deliberate rudeness, it is this model that is able to emphasize femininity and playfulness. These shorts are harmoniously combined with plain t-shirts, shirts and jackets.

Military models of pastel and nude colors are popular . Neutral colors look stylish and sophisticated - dark green, gray and flesh.

Famous couturiers offer in the new season to wear shorts, presented in all the variety of styles and colors. They will help to look stylish, elegant and always different.