Shopping in Spain

Holidays at sea or an excursion program in many countries can be easily combined with exciting shopping. Spain is famous for quality and affordable things. In almost all cities of the country, at competitive prices, you can buy both world-made items and exclusive items from local craftsmen.

Sales in Spain

Most stores are open from 9:00 to 20:00. Mandatory siesta lasts from 13:00 to 16:00 . Large complexes are open without interruptions. But on Sundays and holidays almost everything is closed. The only exceptions are the busy tourist areas and gas stations . Sales on time coincide with the European.

Dates in different areas are approximately the same and differ by a couple of days. The winter season for discounts lasts from the beginning of January to March, and the summer season lasts from the first days of July to mid-September.

Attention! At the beginning of the discount season, prices are reduced slightly, by 15-20%, and closer to the end of the discount, they approach a record 80%. Experienced people are advised to go shopping about a month after the sale announcement.

What are they buying in Spain?

Here you can inexpensively update your wardrobe, buy products, jewelry, cosmetics, medicines and much more. The country has developed traditional folk art. An important part of any trip is the purchase of souvenirs. It is worth taking a look at the ceramics of masters from Catalonia, Valencia, Toledo. Castanets, figurines of bulls and delicacies are sold in every town.

Clothes and shoes

For the sake of fashion gizmos, many travelers are able to forget about the white beaches and the gentle sea. Famous budget brands can be bought much cheaper than in Russia . The same goes for the luxury segment. The quality of the products is high, and the range is huge.

Spanish shoe brands Camper, El Naturalista, El Dantes and others are very popular . It is worth buying a traditional shoe with a rope sole - espadrilles. You can buy them in branded boutiques of the world famous workshop La Manual Alpargatera.

Important! Graceful lace products of local artisans are being brought from Galicia.


Products based on olive oil are in special demand . Cosmetics are of good quality. Often it is sold in pharmacies. Professional brands Natura Bisset, Belnatur and Kerastas are popular.


Carrera y Carrera is considered the pride of the country. Among the regular customers of this jewelry company are members of royal families, politicians and stars of show business. The prices are different, the quality is excellent, and the products are of artistic value.

There is also inexpensive jewelry. For example, jewelry of the UNO de 50 brand, made of a special material with silver or gold plating, is popular. Mallorca offers pearls of extraordinary beauty. Moreover, jewelry manufacturing technology has been protected for centuries. You need to buy products carefully, as there are many fakes.

Reference! For silver and gold jewelry, it’s worth going to Cordoba and to Castile.

Food and wine

A familiar and often ordered present is jamon, a dry-cured pork ham . You can buy a budget option - jamon serrano .


You can buy delicacy in many shops and at fairs. Almost every merchant has a vacuum packaging machine, so there is the possibility of cutting.

Tourists also buy chorizo ​​(spicy pork sausage), olives, natural oil, candied violets .

Everywhere you can find delicious and quality cheese. The business card of Spain is considered Manchego from milk of sheep of a special breed. Price per kilogram - from 10 €.


Huge selection of wine . To buy the right one, you should visit a tasting tour and try as many options as possible. For those who do not understand wine at all, Rioja products are recommended. The cost of a good quality bottle starts from 10-15 €, no less.

Featured Stores

A favorite chain of department stores represented in all major and tourist cities is El Corte Ingles. The store is considered not luxurious, but also not cheap. Next, consider the places where it is best to go to the traveler.


Most of the souvenir shops are located in the historical part - the Gothic Quarter. Premium products can be found on Passeig de Gracia, while local products can be found on Carrer Pelai. Must visit Arenas de Barcelona. Even more diverse products will surprise La Maquinista. On weekdays, a bus runs through the streets, which takes travelers to the most popular complexes.


The area for shopping in Madrid is worth choosing, taking into account goals and opportunities. In search of expensive shops, it is better to go to Barrio de Salamanc. Not far from the western park there is a huge quarter of Arguelles, which was called fashionable. Here, modern shops are located in historic buildings.

The main shopping center is Islazul. In addition to world brands, things of Spanish fashion designers are presented here. A good store is Xanadu . Great shopping for every taste and wallet awaits at Gran Via, which is unofficially considered the main street.


The Canary Islands are classified as duty free. Prices are much lower. The best purchases can be made in Santa Cruz on Calle del Castillo.

The most popular shopping center "El CorteIngles". People come here for trendy news . There are few offers from world brands, but it is easy to find rare Spanish brands.


The most profitable shopping is at Festival Park Outlet. It is not too big, but the discounts are real and operate year-round. The main shopping street is Avinguda Jaume III and, of course, Passeig des Born.

Shopping centers of Spain

Huge shopping centers are usually built outside the city, near highways, and take up a lot of space. In large cities, they can be in the center. They have everything for a full-fledged shopping and a fun holiday: cinemas, game areas, food courts. Here are things of different price categories. The most popular chain is El Corte Ingles. In the capital of Catalonia, there are five

. It is represented in all resort cities. The store is considered not luxurious, but also not cheap.

Among the interesting places include: Plenilunio, Principe Pio and Moda Shopping. One of the largest is considered Diagonal Mar. It has more than 150 stores.

Outlets of Spain

Large outlets are located outside the city and make it possible to shop at great discounts. Popular places are:

  • La Roca Village . This is a village located 38 km from Barcelona. Year-round you can buy things at great discounts and arrange tax free. There are about 400 stores in it, and the discount is 60%. You can visit this place even as part of a regular sightseeing tour.

  • Las Rozas Village . Located near Madrid and is considered the second most visited. Discounts here reach 70%. Those who come here for the first time are given a 10% discount bonus.
  • Etro . The outlet is small, but convenient in that this network is in many shopping malls. It presents democratic brands from Europe.


Shopping in this country is not limited to shopping centers. Interesting antiques can be easily found in authentic markets. The most famous of them is Boqueria. This is a peculiar visiting card of Barcelona and a trading place since the Middle Ages. It is worth buying local delicacies for gifts.

Antiques are best looked for in flea markets that are found in all major cities . You can find interesting coins of the XIX century, caskets, jewelry and utensils. One of the popular markets is located in Valencia in the Luis Casanova Square.

Shopping in Spain can be different, but to stay without shopping is very difficult. Each region of the country is famous for its own products, which cannot be left indifferent. After all, Spain is considered one of the most inexpensive European countries.