Shopping in San Marino

Tourists who love Italy have long known that it is better to shop in a small neighboring state. Therefore, in San Marino, special shopping tours and the position of an assistant who is ready to help visitors in this matter have long been widespread .


First of all, you should always remember that stores of expensive brands rarely participate in a general price reduction. Of course, there are those who arrange small sales, but even in them the price does not decrease by more than 15-20%. If you are not interested in specific well-known brands, but rather you just want to buy something as a keepsake or replenish your wardrobe with high-quality and beautiful things, then you can cope with this task with the help of local companies.

There are two periods of price reduction : winter (beginning of January - end of March) and summer (beginning of July - end of August). However, we must not forget that at this time in stores there will be a particularly large number of buyers. Therefore, the queues in the fitting room will usually be huge, and finding the right size will become a difficult task. Those who are not afraid of such conditions will have an excellent reward in the form of 80%, and sometimes even 90% discounts on the price of goods.

What is the best to buy in San Marino?

Each country usually associates with certain things or souvenirs. And San Marino, together with Italy, is no exception.

Clothes and shoes

Have you been dreaming of leather shoes or an elegant strap for a long time? It's time to make your dream come true! Italian quality, real leather, comfortable price - all this is ensured here, because factories producing these products are located literally in the neighboring city. Especially worth a look at small private shops. It is in them that you can find the most convenient price-quality ratio.

The only moment: if you plan to buy a good bag, then do not count on a serious discount. Usually the cost of this accessory in San Marino is the same everywhere.


Mink and sable fur coats, fox and chinchilla fur ... Such desires of fashionistas are usually associated with extreme high cost. However, the tiny state has succeeded in this matter. In the country there are two own factories UniFur and Braschi, so that these products can be bought for very real money.


If you decide that you need to bring home natural olive oil, legendary cakes Titano, Tre Monti and acacia honey, then you need to plan a trip to a large farmers' market in the central square.


Recently, the demand for local wine and liquor has grown . Connoisseurs highlight among others the red “Tessano Riserva”, “Brugneto”, the white “Roncale” and the wine from the raisins “Oro dei Goti” . And for alcohol it is best to go to a specialized store - Enoteca, here the assortment will be diverse, and consultants will be able to help you with the choice.


Such a purchase must be approached with great care. Of course, it’s nice to buy a high-quality model of a little-known brand at a low price. However, if you purchase an accessory not in a specialized store, but, for example, in the market, then there is a huge risk of running into a fake.

In this regard, many experienced tourists are advised to better get to the neighboring towns of Rimini or Riccione.


Even ordinary street shops can fully satisfy any of your wishes. Most often in the windows you can see cutlery, interesting jewelry, jewelry and a variety of watch models .

According to visitors, the best assortment awaits on the street from Freedom Square to Guaita Tower.

Shopping San Marino

Depending on how much you want to save and whether it is important that the purchases belong to certain brands, a decision is made where exactly it is worth going.

Shopping centers

At these points are a variety of famous boutiques and shops. You can come here for shopping with a large list of desires (and no less chubby wallet), knowing that the proposed range can satisfy any of them.

  • Atlante Shopping Center is the largest shopping center of a small state. It contains numerous shops of Italian brands, grocery stores, exhibition and concert venues.

Address: Via Tre Settembre 17, Dogana, Serravalle 47891.

Opening hours: 9:00 - 20:00 from Monday to Saturday, 15:00 - 20:00 - on Sunday.

  • Park Avenue - takes first place in the list of prestigious shopping centers of this country. Here on the shelves are presented exclusively expensive items of famous brands: Armani, Brioni, Celine, Chloe, etc.

Address: via 5 febbraio, 23, 47895

Opening hours: 9:30 - 13:00 - Monday - Saturday; Sunday is a day off.


These outlets differ from centers in that they usually sell products from well-known brands of past seasons. That is why here you can always count on serious discounts and budget prices.

  • Arca - collaborates with luxury brands such as Armani, D&G, Chanel, Versace. An interesting feature is that all the products here are presented in a common huge hall, which for many buyers will be quite unusual.

Address: 1 / B Strada Dei Censiti, SM 47890, 47891.

Opening hours: 9:00 - 19:00 every day.

  • Kelly Fashion Outlet is a fairly large outlet located on the border with Italy (Dogana). The cost of things usually differs by 30-50% from the original.

Address: Via Tre Settembre, 99 - 47891 Dogana

  • Queen Outlet - works not only with well-known brands, but also with more democratic ones, such as Marlboro Classics, Missoni, etc. Sometimes discounts can go up even to 70%.

Address: via Tre Settembre, 3, Serravalle.

Opening hours: 14:00 - 20:00 - Monday, 10:00 - 20:00 - Tuesday - Sunday.

Tax free

This special system will save a significant part of your budget. Moreover, in San Marino it is completely specific.

To return a 20% purchase tax, you need to pay with a foreign bank card and present an identity card proving citizenship in another state. At the same time, the cost of goods must necessarily exceed 250 EUR, and the store should belong to Tah-Free.

A trip to faraway Italy (or even to a tiny isolated state near it) is not only a walk through picturesque places and acquaintance with architectural monuments. Successful shopping will be able to make a trip truly unforgettable for many, which, fortunately, can be easily carried out, even focusing on a modest budget.