Shopping in Montenegro

Montenegro is famous for its beautiful nature, mild healing climate and high-class resorts. Rest can be combined with exciting shopping, which, unlike the fashionable European capitals - Paris and Milan - has its own specific features.

Sales in Montenegro

The season of discounts fully coincides with the European schedule . In winter, it is the period from mid-January to early March, and in summer - from August to early October.

Prices are reduced immediately by 30-50% and in rare cases - up to 70%. Many stores organize sales throughout the year.

What to buy in Montenegro?

Typically, travelers go to other countries for shopping, but Montenegro offers a lot of nice bonuses.

Clothes and accessories

You should know that light industry in this territory is not developed. However, proximity to Italy solves this problem, and there are enough super-fashionable things. There is a large selection of knitwear from Turkey, India and China, as well as children's clothes and toys . You can find a huge number of places where sunglasses of any brands are sold.

Brand things

In general, the cost of branded products is lower than the average for the region by 10-20%. Many tourists are surprised by the fact that the "Greek" fur coat can be purchased much more profitably than in its homeland.

Italian things

After the fashion shows, the collections of Italian brands first go to neighboring states, including Montenegro. Therefore, you can always buy a novelty here . For example, a summer dress will cost a fashionista 20-30 euros.

Most guides do not recommend buying things while relaxing in Budva. This is explained by a large number of fakes and high cost. After all, Budva is primarily an entertainment center with a large concentration of clubs and restaurants .

Eco leather

Products made of eco-leather have long gained their popularity with eminent designers. In Montenegro there is an opportunity to purchase clothes of such a plan quite inexpensively . For example, jackets cost about 50 €, and bags - 25-30 €.

Baby clothes

Prices for children's things are half as much as in the Russian Federation. Here you can find summer suits, overalls, shoes .

It is also worth looking at toys, diapers, bottles and other small things.

National clothes

Local workshops offer a large selection of national clothing. One of the most popular souvenirs is a cap. It is distinguished by a red top and a black edging on the edges.

Girls will like the silver belt of the Chemer, richly decorated with semiprecious stones . Many tourists buy knitwear from local needlewomen: socks, downy scarves and vests .


As for shoes, then, of course, the first place in demand is the products of Italian manufacturers . So, women's shoes made of genuine leather can be purchased for 55-80 €, and warm boots for 100.

Men can also bring both summer and winter shoes . Prices for products start from 70-80 € and higher, depending on the brand.


In Montenegro, you can buy high-quality jewelry at an affordable price . In Podgorica, a separate street is allocated for jewelry shops. It is worth considering accessories from well-known companies such as Pandora, Swarovski and others.

Cosmetics and medicines

The choice of cosmetics is small, since there is no local production of cosmetics. Occasionally, you can find flavored soap made by hand, but it is no different. The local population is popular with products from Greece, Turkey and Italy .

Herbal preparations are in demand among medicines. Lavender bags can be found everywhere. They cost, depending on the volume, from 2 to 5 euros. It is unlikely that it will be possible to bring some funds home, as they are sold in prescription pharmacies.


On the coast you can find souvenirs with a nautical theme: bracelets and pendants from shells, ship models.

Products from vines are in demand : rugs, baskets, caskets . Girls will appreciate napkins, towels and other embroidered textiles.

For believers there is a large selection of Orthodox symbols . Pay special attention to hand-written icons.

Reference! One of the items sold is the Montenegrin gusli . It is worth knowing that this is not a real musical instrument, but only a souvenir analogue.

National food

For gastronomic shopping, it is best to choose markets . Tourists may be interested in smoked meats : prosciutto, dried carp and Negush cheese, which tastes like Adyghe.


As for fish, in ordinary hypermarkets you can buy it only in frozen form . Fresh sell only in fish shops.

Also, the country is famous for environmentally friendly honey, olive oil and monastic products. You can bring home fruits, nuts, sweets from Bananica and Plazm a.

Alcoholic drinks

Wine “Vranats” is considered to be a special national pride. It takes an honorable place in the ranking of the best European wines. It is made from very sweet berries, and the taste is very rich and astringent. Lovers of dry wine will love the Krstach . This unique drink is produced only in Montenegro. Raw materials are collected from a vineyard arranged in the shape of a cross.

The country has its own brewery, operating for about 200 years. The Niksichko beer is especially appreciated. Connoisseurs of alcohol with a higher degree should pay attention to Krunak - grape vodka, mead and a variety of liquors on nuts and herbs.

Montenegro shops

Significant shopping malls are concentrated in the capital and major cities. Therefore, it is more logical to come to Bar and Podgorica for serious shopping. While in the Bar, take a look at Vladimir Rolovich Street, where both premium-segment boutiques and mass-market stores are located.

In Podgorica, most of the shops are concentrated on the streets of Negosheva and Hercegovau.

Shops are open from 9:00 to 21:00 daily, and in busy areas - from 6 to 23. Moreover, some of them close for siesta at lunchtime.

Attention! Of particular interest to tourists are the monastery shops. They sell traditional, natural food and body care products.

Shopping centers of Montenegro

There are few shopping centers in the country.

TC TQ Plaza Budva

The largest of them are as follows:

  • TQ Plaza is located right in the central part of Budva and within walking distance from popular beaches and a bus stop. Here is a good selection of world brands of clothing, cosmetics and sports equipment.
  • Bazar is located in Podgorica near the Roman Square. This place is more likely for a family pastime, with a huge gaming area, food court and a cinema.
  • Palada is located in Podgorica, near the river. There are more than 100 boutiques, a catering area and a cinema.
  • "Camellia" in Kotor. This is a small complex designed for 15 boutiques. There are performances by artists, sales and other important events for the city.

Outlets of Montenegro

Mall of Montenegro is located within walking distance from the Podgorica train station . In addition to shops, there is a large bowling center and billiards, as well as a grocery market. Worth a visit Delta City, also located in Podgorica. It is convenient to get to it by bus from the airport or bus station. This is the largest complex in the country where families walk all day.

Shopping center Bazar in Podgorica.


In the markets of Montenegro, you can find almost everything: from gastronomic delights to dresses made in the national style. The market in Bar is right in the center. It is famous for a large assortment of nuts, dried fruits and spices. In the old district of the city there is another square that works only on Fridays. There is an oriental flavor, as Muslims live in this area.

In the market in Budva they sell sea delicacies, herbs, vegetables, wine and much more. However, at the height of the tourist season, prices are noticeably higher than in other markets.

Important! The largest markets of Podgorica are adjacent to the Mall of Montenegro and Bazar.

Despite the fact that Montenegro is not among the top ten places for shopping, shopping here has undeniable advantages. After all, tourists, while on vacation, can purchase new items from Italy and other countries. Regardless of the season, you can always find things with discounts of more than 50%.