Shopping in Greece

A trip to Greece is a great opportunity to take a break from gray everyday life and personally get acquainted with the sights of this ancient country. But do not forget that visiting another country has a wonderful feature - the acquisition of souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.

Few people associate Greece with shopping, and this is completely in vain. Yes, one cannot find here such an assortment of branded clothing stores as in Paris or Milan. But on the shelves of local outlets there is a wide selection of handmade goods. This can be fur products, souvenirs, books and much more. A nice bonus is the low cost of products.

In today's article, we will tell you about the best places for shopping.

Athens Sales

In the capital of Greece, Athens, there are two major sales season: summer and winter. The winter sale season begins immediately after the end of the New Year celebrations. It lasts until spring. Summer sales start in mid-July and continue until the end of summer. During seasonal sales, discounts on goods can reach 80%.

Advice! Do not count on the purchase of a fur coat with a big discount. Even in the sales season, it does not exceed 40%.

In 2012, the Greek authorities amended the legislation, it was decided to arrange seasonal sales four times a year. Therefore, at the beginning of May and November, sales are also organized in stores , however, during this period, discounts range from 20 to 40%.

What to buy in Athens?

In Athens, there are a large number of stores of European clothing brands: H&M, Zara, Esprit and many others. Here you can also find outlets with products from Turkey and Italy.

Pay attention to local brands, for example:

  • MED - a company specializing in the production of branded lingerie.
  • ZicZak - casual clothing for women.
  • Tsanicas - products for special occasions.
  • Minerva is an underwear store for both women and men.

Clothes and shoes

Athens residents prefer to shop in the area of ​​Kolonaki, which is located away from the usual tourist routes. It is located not far from the Constitution Square.

Here you can find stores on the windows of which are presented the goods of world brands: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, D&G and others. There are also retail outlets of Greek clothing and footwear designers : Deux Hommes, Angelos Bratis, etc.

Fur products

In the center of Athens there are a large number of shops with fur products. Alexsandros Furs is one of the best in this sales segment. The boutique is located not far from the central square of the city - Syntagma. The storefront displays both locally manufactured products and products of European brands.

On Mitropoléos Square you can find the store of one of the oldest manufacturers of fur products - Avanti Furs, and not far from the Acropolis is one of the largest outlets for the sale of fur coats - Emzo Furs.

Jewelry and bijouterie

Hellas is famous for inexpensive jewelry. It can be both products from precious materials, and stylish jewelry. Jewelry production in Greece has a rich history and is rooted in the III century BC. e. During this time, jewelry acquired its world-recognized style.

In the capital of the country there are retail outlets of the largest jewelry manufacturers - Kessaris, Ilias Lalaunis . When shopping, pay attention to jewelry made in the "antique" style.

If you need silverware, visit the Oro Vildiridis chain of stores . For jewelry, you should go to Filli Follie (Ermou St.) .

Advice! It is famous for jewelry about. Crete (especially the cities of Rethymnon and Heraklion), where you can make good budget purchases - copies of local jewelry that are exhibited in the museum.


Greece produces quality olive oil . Use it not only for cooking, but also as the basis for cosmetics.

Of particular note are:

  • Fresh line is a manufacturer of inexpensive cosmetics.
  • Olive Way is a brand specializing in the production of anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Korres is one of the most popular cosmetics brands. It is popular not only among residents of Greece, but also among foreigners. The company produces high-quality decorative cosmetics.

In the capital of Greece there is a large network of cosmetic stores . Therefore, it is not difficult to purchase body care products.

Food and Wine

It is generally recognized that on Atinas Street is the best “gastronomic” shopping in the capital. Tourists are especially in demand with local alcohol, feta cheese, and olive oil . Bottarga is no less popular - mullet caviar, pressed into small briquettes.

Of alcohol, Metaxa deserves attention - Greek cognac that tastes like brandy. Popular with locals and tourists is Rezina . This is an inexpensive rose and white wine with a tarry aftertaste.

You can buy alcohol at any grocery store.


Original souvenirs can be bought in a large market, which is located near Monastiraki Square. There are also many souvenir shops located near the Acropolis in the Plaka area. In the center of the capital, in the Kolonaki district, you can find antique shops.

Shopping centers

Athens is no different from other major cities. Therefore, there are large shopping centers :

  1. Attica - is one of the largest hypermarkets. Located next to Syntagma Square at Olympic Station - Kifissia Avenue.
  2. “Heart of Athens” is a large hypermarket located at 180 Piraeus. There are several floors with clothes, furniture, souvenirs. There is also an ice rink and a supermarket on the territory of the shopping center.
  3. Athens Mall is a shopping center considered one of the largest in Europe. Here are the stores of world brands: Adidas, H&M and others. You can find a hypermarket in the Marussi area.
  4. The golden hall is a shopping center also located in the Marussi area at Kifisias Av. 37 A, this is one of the most interesting hypermarkets in the country. On its territory there are a large number of stores of both world and Greek brands.


In the capital of Greece, you can find several outlets. One of the most popular is Athen Designer . It is located in the heart of Athens and stretched out to the whole street. Here you can buy things of many world brands with a discount of up to 70%, which lasts throughout the year.

Not far from the Athens airport is Factory outlet - here you can also buy goods at a 70% discount, which is valid all year round.


The central market, Varvakios, is located on Monastiraki Square. It sells locally produced products. Despite the low cost, the quality of products is always on top.

Not far from the bazaar is the famous flea market - Monastiraki Flea Market. Here you can buy souvenirs, books, dishes, jewelry, icons.

If you plan to visit Athens not only to relax, but also to visit the shops, remember a few rules:

  1. Greece is a southern country, siesta is very respected here, so do not be surprised at the closure of the outlet in the middle of the day.
  2. Unlike other hot countries, bargaining in Greece is unlikely to succeed.

You can try to do this in small souvenir shops, in the bazaar. But you should not count on a discount in boutiques.