Shopping in Austria

Austria does not seek to compete with the trendy centers of the European Union Paris and Milan. Prices do not differ from pan-European prices, but the retail spaces are very elegant and sophisticated. There are goods that are better to buy in Austria.

Vienna sales

As throughout Europe, Austria has two sales seasons. Summer lasts from late July to early fall. At the beginning, discounts reach 30%, and closer to the end they approach 80% .

Winter sale is divided into several stages:

  • The first stage begins on December 20 and lasts until Christmas. This is a great chance to buy gifts at discount prices.
  • The second stage lasts about seven days, so that people have time to return the gifts they do not like back.
  • The third stage is the most ambitious. It starts in mid-January. Prices are reduced everywhere and for almost all goods.

At Christmas, in Vienna, near the city hall, the oldest Christkindlmarkt bazaar opens, where you can buy designer crafts. The action lasts until the beginning of spring.

What to buy in Austria?

Here you can find unique and high-quality items that have their own unique history. People come here for clothes and shoes, as well as for exquisite dishes, cutlery and antiques.

Clothes and shoes

In supermarkets there are departments of almost all world-famous manufacturers . Among indigenous brands, one should take a look at Nelso, Bucherer, and Knize & Comp luxury items. Mass markets are represented by Turek, Bernhart, Steffl and J. & L. Lobmeyr. A special pride is the national outfits, which will be a great souvenir.

Attention! In the period of lower prices in Austria, it is recommended to go for fur products. A high-quality and exclusive item can be bought at a discount of up to 70%.

Ski equipment

The country is famous for the abundance of ski slopes and resort places . You can go on vacation without a bunch of suitcases, because you can buy everything you need on the spot . Brand suits and ammunition are not a problem to find here.

While in Vienna, it is worth a look at the specialty stores Wien Donauzentrum, Huma Simmering, Ottakring, Q19 and Stadllau. While in Mayrhofen, go to Intersport, and Innsbruck has a dedicated department in Karstadt.

The prices are rather high : skis cost from 300 €, and skiing boards - from 350 €.

Vienna porcelain and crystal

Fans of beautiful dishes and decor go to Austria for exquisite china made in ancient traditions. It is better to purchase such products at the territory of the Augarten Palace in Vienna.

Real Swarovski crystal is sold in Innsbruck. Moreover, you can choose both uncut pebbles and full-fledged ready-made sets for every taste and budget.

National Food and Wine

The main edible souvenir can be found in any cafe or grocery store. These are the famous Mozart Kuegel marzipan sweets in a box with a portrait of a famous musician.

Handmade sweets and sugar petals look luxurious. However, many gourmets note that this is only a spectacular marketing move, and they do not differ in taste from the factory ones. Of sweets, you should buy Manner wafers, Sacher cake.

Another object of national pride of the Austrians is the Eiswein wine . The peculiarity of the drink is that for its manufacture using slightly frozen grapes, giving a unique and unusual taste. After infusion, a drink with a 10% alcohol content is obtained , and tastes sweeter than Coca-Cola .

The Austrian mulled wine, moonshine Marillen Schnaps based on apricots and Mozart liqueur will not leave indifferent tourists. Also pay attention to Austrian coffee and squeeze pumpkin oil.

The best shops for shopping

Shopping centers

Shopping centers usually work from 9:00 to 18-19: 00 . On Saturday, many close an hour earlier, and on Sunday do not work. One day of the week, such stores are open until 21:00.


Many associate Vienna with the famous waltzes and delicious strudel . However, shopping can be no less romantic in Vienna. Finding what you need is easier on the quiet streets of the Ringstrasse and Kerntnerstrasse districts.

So, in the seven-story shopping center "Stefl" the best products of top brands are concentrated . The atmosphere of the holiday is complemented by numerous boutiques . Krabtnerstrasse is not inferior in its pathos to the streets of Graben and Rotturmgasse either. Among the shopping centers it is worth highlighting Ringstrassen Gallerien, DonauZentrum and SCS - Shopping Center Sud. The latter is a real “Mecca” for tourists and one of the largest shopping complexes in Europe .

Reference! The specifics of shopping in Vienna will be shopping in buildings of historical value. The lower floors, and sometimes all platforms are given for shops. They are also called "trading palaces."


In Salzburg, for shopping, it is better for a tourist to choose Getreidegasse. Both democratic and luxury shops, cafes and family shops are concentrated here.

The largest shopping center is Europark, located outside the city limits.

This is one of the most stylish and modern buildings in the city, more than once awarded the highest design awards. Forum 1 is also popular , located, to the delight of tourists, right at the train station.


While in Innsbruck, feel free to go to Maria Theresa Street . She is completely given over to trade. And in the house number 12 there is a cafe "Tomaselli", where you can enjoy the best ice cream.

Among the shopping centers in demand:

  • Arkadenhof . It is located in a historically significant building, where aristocratic families lived for many centuries. It is famous for its huge book department.
  • Kaufhaus Tyrol . It is many times smaller than the previous one, but is also successful. After all, a huge complex with mirrored window openings is simply impossible not to notice.

Outlets in Austria

40 km from Vienna is located on the largest designer Outlet Parndorf . It is concentrated noticeably 170 boutiques. The sizes of discounts vary from 30 to 70%. You can get to the place by car or by train. The road to the car takes about half an hour.

There is Designer Outlet Salzburg near Salzburg Airport . There are also many shops, a food court area and an artificial ice rink.


One of the popular points of market trade is Vienna Nashtmarkt . It has been working since the eighteenth century, and many Austrians call it "the belly of the city . "

Here you can find farm products, the catch of local fishermen and traditional food.

It’s worth going to the flea market for real antiques and rare vintage items . There is always a cheerful atmosphere, a lot of informals and youth.

Shopping in Austria can be a real pleasure and enjoyment even for true aesthetes. In addition, you can successfully spend money not only in the capital, but also in other cities.