Shoes from Spain: popular brands

Sunny and vibrant Spain annually visits a huge number of tourists from around the globe. Unusual flavor, bullfighting and flamenco, Dali and Gaudi - all this attracts travelers. However, Spain is famous not only for its mild climate, attractions, history and cuisine. No less attention deserves the shoes that are produced in this country.

Despite the fact that products from Spain are still little known in Russia, this country is one of the leaders in the production of footwear. One has only to get to know some brands more closely and shopping can bring quite a few pleasant minutes. For the manufacture of shoes, hard-working Spaniards use only high-quality natural materials. And in the production process, modern technologies and the latest developments in this area are used.

Features of shoes from Spanish brands

Footwear of Spanish origin has for many years been synonymous with the words “style” and “quality”. The range is unusually wide: from stilettos of the most different types to practical everyday models.

Footwear in Spain has undergone many changes throughout its development. It was here that high-heeled shoes that in the 17th century conquered all European countries became popular.

Today, Spain is confidently maintaining its leadership position in production. To buy shoes made in Spain is the dream of a large number of fashionistas. After all, each model is distinguished by its unique personality and extraordinary creative performance.

Products of some brands look very bold. Unusual shapes and bright colors, different designs for the left and right legs, all this allows the owner of such shoes to easily stand out from the crowd. There are brands that specialize in producing high-quality models of artificial leather, which is processed with special organic dyes. Famous brands and orthopedic products are produced. Despite the fact that such shoes and boots do not differ in extraordinary beauty, they provide incredible wearing comfort. They all sit perfectly on the foot.

Many famous Spanish manufacturers have grown from tiny workshops. In them, all the shoes were made completely by hand. At the same time, the wishes of each client were taken into account. This approach to production has been preserved to this day. At each factory, the main characteristic in production is comfort. It does not depend on the purpose for which shoes are made - for the beach or attending a social event. A lot of attention in the manufacture is given to the quality of the material, environmental friendliness and the smallest details. All shoes made in Spain can be broken down by price segment.

The most expensive brands

Among luxury brands, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Stuart Weitzman . This is a modern fashion designer who creates high-quality shoes and various accessories for women. Each pair can be safely called a work of art. For production, unusual and high-quality materials are used. Very often, shoes are decorated with real gems. This makes them very popular among celebrities. Each model is distinguished by sophistication and luxury. These shoes are ideal for walking on the red carpet in Cannes or at the Oscars.
  2. Manolo Blanic . One of the most famous and popular designers. The main distinguishing features of the products of this brand are sophistication, design complexity and sophistication. These are technically perfect products. The sharp-nosed models, which were unusually popular in the 70s of the 20th century, are the invention of Manuel Rodriguez Blanic. It was the shoes of this brand that the tireless Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City. Sandals Manolo Blahnik flaunt on the feet of the heroine of the Simpsons - Marge. Many modern fashionistas prefer models of this shoe house. Among them are Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Naomi Campbell and others. All this confirms the high quality of Spanish shoes.

Budget segment

Among the inexpensive ones, the most popular are:

  1. Camper. One of the oldest brands with its own history and traditions. All models have a well-thought-out design and provide high wearing comfort. The products are very practical and ideal for everyday wear and long walks. Prices for Camper products are quite affordable.
  2. El Naturalista. A very unusual brand that uses only natural materials: stones, olive oil, extracts of tree bark and others. Each box has an inscription about what kind of skin this particular model is made of. Absolutely all products have a sole made of natural rubber. All materials are biodegradable and breathable. Dyes are completely natural.
  3. Castaner. The company mainly produces traditional Spanish shoes - espadrilles. The range of models is very wide. All of them are of high quality and practicality. Castaner also produces warmer options: boots and boots, as well as high-heeled shoes. The price tag for products is more than democratic - 50-100 EUR.

Do not be afraid to purchase products of unknown brands. In Spain, you can buy a great pair, produced by a little-known company. In this case, the product will be of high quality and inexpensive.

What Spanish shoes should women pay attention to

Girls should consider buying traditional shoes - espadrilles. Such products have a comfortable rope sole. The top can be made of fabric or leather. Espadrilles are sold in every shoe store. These are comfortable products that are perfect to wear in the hot season. They are very comfortable and not hot.

For an evening out, Pupa Lopez products will be the best option. The lineup is very wide. Here are shoes for desperate fashionistas, as well as more conservative options. The products of this company are very popular among celebrities in Spain. The brand belongs to the middle price segment.

What Spanish shoes can men choose

A large number of brands are involved in manufacturing products for men. There are both expensive and affordable options among them. However, all products will be of high quality and will last a long time, which is very important for men's shoes.

If a man does not like strict and business style, then he should pay attention to the products of The Art . Products are distinguished by their informality. The top of some models is made of unusual materials: metal, glossy, matte or printed leather. All products have antibacterial properties and are characterized by a high rate of water resistance.

For office or formal events, shoes and boots from Galzados Vidal Fernandes are the best option. The models of this company are made in a strict classic design. There is a ruler made in a traditional English style. For the top, genuine leather or soft suede is used; for the sole, Vibram rubber or thick leather is used. Lining material - genuine calfskin.

As you can see, in Spain they produce not only traditional espadrilles. The market is represented by a wide selection of products of various brands. Spanish shoes confidently gaining popularity around the world. Now, to purchase the necessary model, you can take advantage of the offers of specialized online stores. The unique design and high quality - this is what many love Spanish shoes for.