Shoes that scare away any man

Men very often pretend that they are completely indifferent to what a woman is shod with, just not barefoot. But this is far from the case. Either they are afraid to admit it, or they do it purely intuitively, but nevertheless, among the representatives of the stronger sex there are opinions about women's shoes, which scares them. And, of course, they would really not want to see her on the feet of their beloved woman.

Summer footwear

Summer is the season of skirts, light sundresses and shorts. And, of course, first of all, men pay attention to their legs. This applies not only to harmony, the presence of pedicure and smoothness of the skin. Shoes attract their attention no less than anything else. Some shoes, in their opinion, even disfigure the girl’s figure, making her shapeless, and the gait is ridiculous. What scares men most of all on the slender legs of the fair sex?

Gladiators or Roman Sandals

According to men, sandals that cover almost half of the legs do not scare away, but make the girl less sexy. They give the gait awkwardness and clubfoot, disfiguring the whole image. On a subconscious level, men begin to think that they are a warrior. It is not for nothing that sandals got such a name. And, as you know, representatives of the stronger sex love their companions to be weak, feminine and need the protection of their partner.


Here, in principle, one could do without comment at all. However, many girls are at a loss as to why crocuses did not please men. Undoubtedly, the shoes are very comfortable if there is slush, dirt or rain on the street. But still, massive and shapeless rubber sandals make a woman clumsy, a little awkward and even clumsy, especially if crocodiles are shod on long and slender legs. Such shoes cause bewilderment among the stronger sex: better barefoot.

High stilettos

No matter how strange it may sound, but yes - men hate high-heeled shoes and platform shoes. They believe that such shoes are more suitable for an intimate atmosphere and wonder how our girls can combine high hairpin and everyday life. In their opinion, shoes with too high a height disfigure slender female legs and make the image frivolous and vulgar. It is better to choose pumps with medium heels, which, on the contrary, make the legs visually longer and slimmer.

Winter shoes

It seems that in winter, the last thing that men pay attention to is female legs. Still would! After all, we sometimes wear more than one pair of tights to save ourselves from the cold. Where else is there to evaluate what the girl is wearing. But it was not there! Despite the blizzard, frost and snowdrifts, when meeting a man, first of all, he will pay attention to your shoes.

Ugg boots

There is an opinion among men that such ugg boots that are convenient for us are more suitable for walking somewhere outside the city, where no one sees you. It is believed that such shoes make even the most slender girl a little squat and awkward.

Over the knee boots

This type of shoe “scares off” the strong floor for the same reason as shoes with an excessively high stiletto heel. No matter how the girl wants to look sexy and feminine, this is clearly not what will make her such. Especially categorically men relate to boots above the knee in combination with a miniskirt. In their opinion, this is a fashion from the 90s, which has long been a thing of the past.

Be that as it may, a woman is a woman for that, in order to correctly and skillfully place accents in the wardrobe. The most important rule that makes a girl attractive and desirable is to wear comfortable shoes and certainly complement her with optimism, an open look and a smile on her face.