Shoes that make any sexy

Shoes are a very important part of women's wardrobe. Let you have an inexpensive chintz dress, but the shoes should be of high quality. After all, it is shoes that issue the status of a person, creates his full image.

For a girl, nothing is more important than shoes. Perfectly matched shoes help you climb the career ladder, make passing men turn around and become an excellent accomplice in a romantic undertaking. However, for some, sexuality closely borders on vulgarity. This is fundamentally wrong. Screaming hairpin and bulky platform often look vulgar and inviting, rather than sexy. The whole essence of sexuality is grace, flexibility and elegance.

As a rule, the words “sexuality” and “high heel” are inseparable. A high hairpin is a sign of femininity. And it is this very sign that acts on men, like a chemical reactor. A vivid example of this, shoes from Christian Louboutin is a classic that drives millions of men around the world crazy and is desirable for the weaker sex.

Black shoes with a red sole of the eminent designer, called "Pigalle", rightfully take the place of the sexiest shoes in the world. A thin hairpin, an elegant bend of the pads and slightly open toes favorably outline the female leg. These are the shoes that cost a fortune, but worth spending at least once in a lifetime!

What shoes look sexy and attractive

Of course, the height of the heel plays a huge role in choosing shoes to create the image. Thanks to them, even in a simple and strict suit you can look incredibly sexy. For festive events, important parties or holidays, a heel 10-12 cm high will be a win-win. And for every day, for a business meeting or a mid-day date, shoes with a heel of 5-7 cm will be chic. Such shoes are more comfortable, while not a bit worse emphasizes the grace of the feet.

Speaking of color, it is worth highlighting the two most spectacular and win-win - it is beige and black. Nude shoes, combined with skin color visually lengthen the leg, while emphasizing its beauty. And classic black boats are the standard of sexuality, matching any look and successfully complementing it.

When buying shoes should be based on the parameters of your figure as a whole. What will suit miniature and slender women will not always look good on puffy beauties. The perfect choice of shoes will emphasize all the advantages and hide flaws.

Slender, short women with a chiseled waist can afford a heel of any length and width. At the same time, on girls whose height is very small, shoes with a wide platform will look awkward. And for puffy ladies it is better to stay on a wide five-centimeter heel or wedge. From here one simple rule is deduced - not always what is beautiful for the eye looks beautiful on the figure.

Important! You can save on any part of the wardrobe, but not on shoes.

Ankle Strap Shoes

An interesting design gives the female legs touching and plasticity. This model expressively emphasizes the fragility of the foot, which, in turn, cannot leave any male heart indifferent.

Classic boats

If you want to seduce a man, this is the best option! Boats with a narrow nose make the image more elegant, graceful. If the model flaunts on the girl’s legs, she’s already stunning.


We can say that the fatal beauty in black leather over the knee boots is an outdated stereotype. But millions of admiring masculine looks suggest otherwise. In addition, over the knee boots visually lengthen the legs, making them slimmer and more attractive.


White sneakers look easy and airy on the female leg. And these shoes became sexy thanks to the famous modern novel “50 shades of gray”. In particular, he brought sexual popularity precisely to “conversions”. In addition, sneakers visually reduce the foot. And white sneakers, shod under an airy long dress, give the image a romanticism and ease.

High heel boots

High-heeled boots perfectly emphasize the beauty of the legs and hide minor flaws. In addition, having successfully put them together with the dress, you can advantageously emphasize the femininity of the silhouette. A high heel implies a special, attractive bend of the lift, which even makes a large leg sexy, elegant.

Important! The higher the heel, the lower the length of the skirt. Moreover, the higher the skirt, the smaller the neckline. Otherwise, there is a risk of looking too defiant, rather than sexy.

In which cases sexy shoes are appropriate, and in which not

Of course, the sexiest and most elegant models are best worn “on the way out”: a dinner party, a trip to a restaurant, social events. Thus, it is likely to outshine the other invited women. When gathering for a rout, it is necessary to give preference to classic models. This decision will certainly emphasize the refined taste of the owner of the outfit.

For work, you should choose comfortable models from natural materials, because they need to spend most of the day. Do not save on such shoes, they should be comfortable and of high quality. But for important business meetings and negotiations there is no better option than narrow boats with a high thin stiletto heel.

Naturally, when going on a vacation in nature, you should not take high-heeled shoes with you. At least she will look ridiculous. But, unsurpassed white sneakers or sneakers will be a good idea and will not reduce the attractiveness.

And finally, the New Year celebrations. Here is only your imagination. Bright, sparkly shoes of red, silver and blue shades will be a great opportunity to express yourself on a festive night!

5 attractive looks

1. Opt for black short leather shorts and a light air top for a pair of pumps with an ankle strap. A cardigan or blazer of pastel colors is thrown over it. As an accessory, a clutch bag is ideal.

2. Classic pumps will be the perfect conclusion to a business style, combining them with a formal suit. At the same time, it is best when the length of the trousers is 7/8. In your hands you need to take a black or golden color, a clutch. Models of naked body jackets look luxurious.

3. Heeled over the knee boots are best combined with a short dress. As outerwear, it is better to choose a medium-long coat. You can play with accessories by wearing a long chain and dark glasses.

4. A white dress with a scent in front is perfect for white sneakers. The look is complemented by an elegant black handbag on a chain. Very feminine and romantic. But no less attractive.

5. Stocking boots with high heels are ideally combined with a pencil skirt. Upstairs you can wear a flesh top and a velvet jacket. A special “sharpness to the image gives a spectacular and sexy combination of black and red.