Shmotchok stars. Wardrobe closets the size of a house

Rich and famous people can afford to have a lot of clothes and shoes. Sometimes they even show their fans the contents of their lockers. For many of them, this place is a matter of special pride. Next, consider the largest dressing rooms of famous people.

Donatella Versace

A famous fashion designer can afford a dressing room the size of a small apartment. Here Donatella stores clothes, shoes and various accessories. There is a separate locker even for the clothes of her dog - Audrey Versace. The pet has become a real star in the fashion industry. Therefore, like your mistress, you should always be in trend.

Dita Von Teese

The actress chose to arrange this place in her favorite retrostyle. The room with dim lighting contains furniture and decor elements in the style of the 40s. It is filled with mountains of vintage clothing. The place of honor is reserved for retro hats and jewelry. For inspiration, the Queen of Burlesque came up with a special board. There she places a pin-up photo and other pretty pictures.

Dita is happy to give a “second chance” to old suitcases. She uses them as roomy dressers for shoes and accessories.

Anna Dello Russo

Fashion Director of Japanese Vogue has an excellent taste and weakness for a lot of fashionable things. She easily turns haute couture clothes into everyday ones. Her life is like a constant holiday. A feature of the wardrobe is the abundance of feathers, sequins, mini-dresses and colorful dresses. Her dressing room occupies most of the apartment. After many years, its contents will allow you to study the history of the fashion industry of the XX-XXI centuries.

Britney Spears

The pop princess also boasts the largest dressing room among the star gearmakers. Visiting the store, she buys several pairs of shoes at once. Moreover, if she liked some shoes very much, then Britney will take all the colors at once.

Christina Aguilera

The singer reacted to the storage of things rationally. She allocated one room for shoes, and the second for clothes. The premises are more like theatrical dressing room, made in pink, red and leopard color. Complete order reigns there, and all things lie in their places. For example, the shoes are arranged according to the designer who produced it.

Mariah Carey

The area of ​​the room is comparable to the size of a small apartment. A huge place in it is occupied by shelves with shoes. Pop diva is known as a big fan of shoes. The singer is proud of the large collection and does not hide that she loves the dressing room more than all the other rooms in the house.

Kim Kardashian

For the sake of this room, a world celebrity has made a restructuring of the house. In the wardrobe Kim reigns order and comfort, and for each type of clothing a special place has been created. Dresses are hung in accordance with their length: starting with a mini and ending with dresses with a train. Outerwear sorted by material. Two helpers look after the star’s clothes and the room.

In the star collection you can find the most Balmain jackets and dresses from Alexander McQueen.

Chloe Kardashian

She does not lag behind her older sister and Chloe Kardashian. The girl is a fan of shoes, most of which is produced by Christian Louboutin. The room also reigns clean and tidy, and all the pairs are sorted by color. Interestingly, the right shoe always looks at the mistress with a toe, and the left one with the heel. This arrangement helps to accommodate a lot of couples and always see them. Chloe is proud of her huge collection, which also includes items from Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Dolce and Gabbana and Missoni.

Paris Hilton

The heiress of millions and socialite always without undue modesty shares the details of his personal life. The star puts a lot of photos from the dressing room. The pictures show that it is quite large and does not fit in one frame. Often Paris, taking apart his lockers, donates things to charity.

Philip Kirkorov

The wardrobe room of the king of the national stage is not inferior in size and filling with the wardrobe of Western colleagues. Ksenia Sobchak managed to get into the legendary place. The presenter admitted that she did not even expect such a scale, although before her visit to Kirkorov she considered herself the champion in the number of things. The singer showed several large halls littered with hangers with branded clothes. Kirkorov admitted that he often gets confused in fashionable mazes.

A special person works in the artist’s dressing room, and an electronic catalog has been created.

A large dressing room with hundreds of shelves and drawers filled with fashionable clothes is the dream of many people, especially girls. Starry rooms for storing things can amaze with the luxury of ordinary inhabitants. Many celebrities managed to break all kinds of records in the number and size of cabinets and shelves.