Shine that is not appropriate after fifty

Every time I see an adult woman “over 50” in clothes strewn with rhinestones or sequins, I just want to take on the role of the leading popular program and say: “Take it off immediately, because now you are either attacked by forty or gypsies will be stolen. ”

Why, then, do some women who have long crossed the threshold of “Balzac’s age” really want to try on the image of “expensive, rich”, putting on everything shiny, but more? Climax? Hormones? Desire to look younger? Lack of taste? Let's get it together.

Bad example is contagious

A vivid example of how you should not dress after the age of 50 in principle, and the search for brilliant outfits is Larisa Dolina. Long exchanging the fifth (even sixth) dozen, Larisa Alexandrovna is the owner of a voice of indescribable beauty and strength, but she does not have taste, if you pay attention to her concert outfits.

Shiny dresses, shiny skirts, tops, tights and even shoes - all this makes the Valley look like a cracker on New Year's holiday, and not like an adult and respected singer. In a tandem with a “mini” and a bare belly, Larisa Dolina’s outfits look ridiculous and sometimes vulgar.

The young women who dress the same are most likely inspired by the example of the Honored Artist of Russia. But in reality it turns out that the Valley is not what inspires pensioners ...

There are a lot of such examples of how you don’t need to dress, among celebrities both domestic and foreign. But there’s nothing to be done with them, but you can work hard on your image.

Shine - yes, but is it beauty?

Of course, not all clothes with sequins or rhinestones worn on an adult woman create the effect of “tear out the eyes”. Most of all, the vision of others suffers in such cases:

  1. All is put on all at once. Many women like to shine and shine in a literal and figurative sense. To resemble a star in their appearance, they wear clothes made of shiny and iridescent fabrics, complementing the image with massive jewelry decorated with rhinestones or precious stones. The effect, of course, is stunning, but it does not smell like taste and a sense of proportion.

  2. A shiny dress worn on a figure far from ideal. Lovely women, who are already over 50, and who are only approaching this vital line, remember: everything that shines, shimmers and shines in the rays of light visually adds volume, expanding and shortening just what needs to be narrowed and lengthened. Even those who weigh 45-50 kg in a dress made of silver brocade or iridescent satin look much denser.
  3. Too many details. Sometimes you can meet a correctly and harmoniously dressed woman, and her fingers, ears and neck are simply hung with jewelry. Such a shine is not only inappropriate, but also dangerous for health and life - robbers find their victims just by such “marks”.

  4. To work - like a holiday. Of course, this is how you should relate to the place that brings you cash income. But you don’t need to dress in an office, government agency or any other place where a woman over the age of 50 can work as a disco-style party. This will not only reduce the working capacity of colleagues, with whom your outfit will let sunny bunnies in the eye, but also significantly reduce your credibility with the bosses.

So, it turns out - older ladies should not wear sequins at all? Even if you really want to? Sure! But just be careful.

Way out

For those who still do not want to part with the role of the clear sun and simply can not refuse brilliant outfits, the following useful tips should be adopted:

  1. Attention to form. If the excess weight has smoothly spread over all parts of your body, you can decorate with a shiny cloth the area that suffered the least from it. For example, with the “pear” type of figure, you can wear an iridescent “top”. Ladies with a lush bust, on the contrary, should highlight the bottom. What to choose "apple"? Hat and shoes.

  2. A lot does not mean good. To overdo it with an abundance of brilliance means spoiling even the most expensive and fashionable image. Good, and even more shimmering and gleaming, should be in moderation.
  3. Combine correctly. If you choose a blouse with gold sequins, you should not complement the image with silver bugles on the skirt and pearl pearls in the hair. Remember the magpies and gypsies.

You can dress as you want, and in 50, and 60, and even 90. But! Remember that in everything you need balance and a middle ground, you always need to. Otherwise, you can spend the rest of your days either in the nest or in the camp.