Sheep fur coat - what is it, description and images

Tired of freezing in the winter? So natural wool is right for you!

Sheep fur coat - what is it?

Winter, entering into its rights, will immediately call all fashionistas and fashionistas to warm themselves. Breathing in the fresh smell of the first frost, feeling the harsh breath of the north wind, latecomers running in a hurry will hurry to buy clothes warmer.

Then every chilled girl and woman will have a question: “ How to dress stylishly, beautifully, comfortably and, most importantly, warmly?” What is fashionable this season? ” And although at home long-awaited down-padded coats, warm coats, natural mink, wolf, fox or arctic fox coats have long been waiting in the wings, you still want something new, more modern, light and comfortable.

And the alternative, here it is - very close! Many fashionistas are already pleased with fur coats - a trend of the season and, at the same time, saved the lives of animals. Winter things from natural sheared fur of a sheep will warm their owners in any frost from −1 ° C to −25 ° C.

Outerwear made of natural fur (heavy, hot and uncomfortable) has already been abandoned by many contemporaries. Lightness, warmth and coziness were chosen by famous artists, politicians, writers, artists, popular couturiers, stylists and many other people who prefer not only comfort, but also a humane attitude to animals.

Look at the world with different eyes and make the right choice, saving the lives of thousands of innocent people, our lesser friends. Let this winter please you and warm eco-friendly sheepskin coats!

Is it possible to freeze in a sheepskin coat in winter?

Cute hardworking lambs build up a thick warm fleece all summer, and in the spring, after shearing, they donate their valuable, luxurious fur to people. Special machines apply ready-made wool that has gone through all stages of processing and dyeing onto a textile or knit fabric base and obtain modern, soft, hygroscopic and warm material. Each stylish girl or lady will have the opportunity to flaunt in a soft and light coat, without harming a single sheep and at the same time promoting the movement to protect animals.

Modern warm and stylish eco-fur will completely replace you with a natural skinned sheep skin - a “cruel” kind of beauty. Your new trendy sheepskin coat will not allow you to freeze, because it:

  • insulated by the inner felt ball formed during knitting;
  • It has the functions of thermoregulation and “breathes” without creating a greenhouse effect. Therefore, you will never overheat or overcool;
  • sheep's wool, due to the twisting structure of the fiber, traps air between the villi. The fur coat works as a “climate control”, providing a comfortable existence for its owner.

Such clothes can be worn even in the harsh conditions of Yakutia or Siberia with frosts up to 25 ° C.

Pros and cons of sheepskin coats

What girl or woman does not dream of a warm, cozy and inexpensive fur coat made of natural fur? Buying a sheepskin coat, you will have great advantages.

  1. The fur of sheep and rams was created by nature specifically to repel moisture and retain heat. Your fur coat has the same functions, protecting you from rain, snow and keeping the heat coming from the body.
  2. Sheep's wool is very light, almost weightless. Therefore, constant convenience and comfort are provided to you.
  3. Clothing made of sheep fur is fashionable and beautiful. It is still very rational and has increased thermal insulation and wear resistance.
  4. Fur does not irritate human skin; clothes are absolutely hypoallergenic.
  5. The fur coat is easy to care for and comfortable to wear.
  6. Sheep fur coats are in an affordable price category. Such a new thing will be able to buy every, even not enough wealthy girl or lady.

Besides benefits sheep fur has its drawbacks.

Do not worry, dear ladies, there really are flaws, but everything is fixable:

  • after the purchase, the wool may climb slightly. Take a brush with a long rare pile and comb the product a couple of times. So, you fix the problem;
  • the fur coat is dirty . Dry a small spot well and brush out the dirt with a brush. Or, gently wash the contaminated area by hand, observing the temperature indicated on the label. With a large amount of contamination, the thing is better to dry clean;
  • the coat after purchase is slightly dented. Shake well and hang it on a hanger, it will hang and, after a while, will be smoothed out.

How to wear a sheepskin coat

This element of the wardrobe is suitable for women of short and high stature, thin and full, with light and dark hair color, serious and mischievous, married ladies and young girls. However, a sheepskin coat is suitable for everyone, you just need to choose the right model, size and color. If you can’t make a choice, try on oversized (super voluminous thing). The fur coat can sit perfectly and will look very expensive.

She will become your best friend for all occasions, and you will carry her everywhere: to work, walk, date, going to visit or to the store!

What can you combine your "beauty" with? In winter - she is an integral part of the wardrobe of every young person and mature practical lady. Different clothes and accessories will allow her to look different every time, depending on what you wear from the basic wardrobe. Feel free to include your fur coat in a selected ensemble, decorating it with suitable color accessories. And you will not lose!

What are the sheepskin coats in trend 2019

The most fashionable trend of 2019 is the combination of things in one color scheme, the so-called monolook. It has been relevant for several years in a row. This style of clothing is suitable for office, business meetings, recreational events, for walking with friends, going out and even shopping. The monochrome wardrobe is versatile, fashionable and practical, it has many advantages for the figure, visually making a woman elegant, tall and slim.

Since the color scheme of monoluka is very large, sheepskin coats fit perfectly into this style. They set the tone for the image and in the cold season become the basic thing, under which other shades are selected to complement the intended image. The style will suit : sheath dress, pencil skirt, tight trousers, a long cardigan, a blouse in the style of a man’s shirt, boots or boots (depending on the length of outerwear).

The colors of fur coats and short fur coats can be the most unexpected and very diverse: mint, turquoise, pink, caramel, vanilla, white, pastel and many other colors produced by the domestic industry.

The choice is yours, lovely girls and women! You can buy a luxurious fur coat of your dreams in any color, size, style and feel like a princess or even a queen, ensuring undoubted success in the circle of girlfriends, acquaintances and the male audience.

With this purchase, you will save the lives of more than one sheep by joining the animal protection movement and adding a big plus to your karma.