Shapes of dresses from panne (photo)

To look luxurious at special occasions, women choose dresses from expensive fabrics. Outfits from panne velvet always look spectacular. But not everyone is familiar with the features of the fabric and the styles of clothing made of this material.

What kind of fabric is panne velvet and how is it different from velvet?

Panne velvet is a type of velvet, so it is important to understand both concepts. Velvet provides a material with a soft short pile on the front. The characteristics of the pile determine the subspecies of the fabric.

Important! Outfits from panne velvet look luxurious. The texture of the fabric itself is heavy, so it is more suitable for evening gala events.

Panne velvet is made on the basis of cotton or silk . The length of the pile is on average 1-2 mm. The main difference between panne velvet and velvet is that the first material clearly traces the pattern .

The fabrication technology includes combing the fibers and press processing using high temperatures. Thanks to this, a unique pattern is obtained. Panne velvet differs from velvet only in pattern. It is used for evening dresses and curtains.

What styles of dresses from panne velvet exist?

There is a wide variety of styles from panne.


It looks interesting long fitted model with a slit that can reach the middle of the thigh . It looks elegant and sexy, but not vulgar. When choosing this outfit, color plays a key role. It is better to give preference to saturated dark tones.

Features of the asymmetric style:

  • for the outfit, characteristic chaotic lines, unusual cut, shifted accents, a skirt with different lengths;
  • asymmetry can be both in the upper and lower parts of the dress;
  • the model can be used for formal events, a romantic date or a club holiday;
  • the style is suitable for ladies with broad shoulders and girls with the type of figure "rectangle".


For office meetings, a sheath dress is suitable. The style is distinguished by a fitted silhouette and a narrowed skirt. To make the look complete, you need to add it with a short jacket and clutch. Among the accessories, it is recommended to pay attention to jewelry made of precious metals.

With a full skirt

A model with a full skirt will always be in the spotlight. The length of the style can be different. The choice of the best option depends on the variety of the event and the individual characteristics of the girl’s figure. The dress is characterized by a tight corset and a fluffy skirt . Such an outfit will help disguise extra pounds on the hips and emphasize the waist.

On the straps

The style on thin straps looks elegant. It can be used for evening outings (in tandem with stilettos), and as an everyday wardrobe item (in combination with comfortable moccasins). This option is suitable for curvy ladies with large breasts.

With open back

The style with an open back looks erotic and bold. This model is suitable exclusively for evening outings . When creating an image, you should pay attention to the right choice of accessories, makeup and hairstyles.