Shapes of dresses from guipure photo

Guipure dresses look very elegant on the female figure, which this year literally captivated the minds of young girls. Lace dresses not only reign supreme at fashion shows, but also massively invaded urban life. The dress with guipure itself is so spectacular that it does not need additional jewelry. On the catwalks, such dresses have long become popular, but in real life, not every girl dares to put on such a thing. That's because many people associate lace with underwear. Designers are trying their best to break this stereotype and in each season offer more and more options for outfits with guipure, as evidenced by numerous photos from the shows.

This season, lace dresses are relevant not only as an evening outfit, but also for every day. In addition, some outfits can be a complete option for going to work.

Models and styles of guipure dresses

The options are as follows:

  • Openwork top. Evening options with a lace top and a flared skirt look very elegant and feminine. A short outfit options are more playful and flirty. Basically, the chest in such outfits is covered with the main fabric, over which beautiful lace is sewn. In addition, there are outfits where the top and bottom are made of different colors. For example, white lace is sewn onto a black base. Basically, such outfits are elongated;
  • Guipure back. Dresses with an open back, which is decorated with expensive guipure, look very feminine. This is a unique opportunity to make the image slightly naked and at the same time covered with beautiful material;
  • Fish. Long, tight at the waist and extended downward is incredibly successful. It is with this model that one can successfully emphasize all the advantages of a female figure. This is a good option for an evening dress for a girl with an hourglass figure;
  • Case. With the help of a beautiful lace and an ordinary style, you can create an exquisite image. Such an outfit will be suitable for a romantic date, going to the cinema, walking with girlfriends or the New Year corporate party.

Important! This model looks especially good on girls with perfect proportions. If you are not the owner of a thin waist, then you can hide the flaws of your figure with a thin strap.

What are the dresses from guipure in trend?

This season, the cut of fashionable novelties has become even simpler. Modern outfits made of guipure are made without unnecessary seams and additional accessories to show the attractiveness of the fabric in all its glory.

Dresses with a short sleeve or with a sleeve "three quarters" are actual this season.

Dresses for every day without additional decorations and basically their length is above the knee. The latest fashion is the volumetric lace, which resembles the pattern on the window.

Fashion trends for the coming summer are guipure dresses in white and beige, which so successfully emphasize the tan of the skin.

In addition, guipure outfits of pale pink and blue can be called fashionable novelties. On the catwalks, models defile in transparent dresses worn on linen, but in everyday life such dresses will be unacceptable and you must use at least a petticoat.

What to combine with a guipure dress and how to choose an accessory

When choosing jewelry for a guipure dress, take into account the moment that this outfit is itself self-sufficient; many jewelry will be inappropriate.

Attention! Wide belts and too massive jewelry are not suitable for a guipure dress. The brighter the outfit, the more inconspicuous jewelry should be, if any.

Several rules for selecting accessories for guipure along:

  • When choosing shoes for the cold season, it is necessary to give preference to shoes a couple of shades darker, and when choosing a summer option, give preference to light colors. Golden and silver shoes will be a good option for a festive event, and for every day - more neutral shades - black gray, milk, white;
  • The bag is better to choose from plain material. A great option would be a clutch bag, or a bag made in a classic style;
  • For evening wear, you can pick up a cloak. For a daytime look, you can stay on a jacket or knit cardigan.

Volumetric earrings can be used, but keep in mind that they should be in harmony with the hairstyle.