Secrets of stylists: how to look slimmer and thinner

Any woman wants to prolong her youth and always be attractive. All feminine virtues need to be emphasized, and problems should be hidden. This is what the main secrets of professional stylists are about. In order to look slimmer without fitness, exhausting diets, you need to solve two problems: visually increase your height, and also distract the views of others from some of the figure flaws.

How to visually increase growth?

If this can be done, the figure will become more harmonious. This is called "optical illusion" - a technique that stylists constantly use successfully.

To do this, you need:

  • high hairstyles and catchy make-up : for example, brightly distinguished eyes will distract attention from those features of appearance that seem to a woman to be not the most advantageous;
  • tanned skin seems fit . If you have not escaped to the sea, to the solarium - use bronzers;
  • long beads and earrings;
  • vertical stripes (patterns ) on dresses;
  • only long trousers - short ones are very fat;
  • elongated silhouettes in clothes. It is necessary to exclude short tops, jackets to the hips;
  • steady heels . Shoes and half boots with ankle straps should be avoided: they will visually shorten the legs, which will reduce growth.

Switch attention

Knowing the problem areas of the figure, be sure to apply this rule. We focus on what we want to emphasize . For example, you think your hands are full, so you need to turn your attention to the beauty of your legs.

Stylists suggest focusing on trousers (even with the help of bright colors), and emphasize the waist with a belt .

A beautiful combination is plain trousers with an elongated blouse.

You can apply another trick - catchy creative earrings .

Do not fit what we want to hide

The main and most common mistake: many wear tight-fitting black clothes in the hope of looking slimmer. This is just a popular myth: what you tighten will stand out and attract the attention of others .

In the photo, common mistakes in clothes (1− short topic, 2 - mini, 3 - basque).

Color palette for overweight women

Fans of black should dilute it so as not to look boring. Black color has the ability to absorb light, so in it a person seems slimmer. But in the summer in black clothes it will be hot.

For some reason, they always forget that there are many spectacular colors that will also visually reduce the volume and give style to every woman.

It is a dark gray, saturated dark blue, dark green, olive and even burgundy color . Not only color is important, but also the style of the product. If the clothes will be selected according to the listed rules that offer stylists, you will be the queen of elegance.

Monochromaticity will add grace and style, and patterns, especially large ones, will add only extra pounds.

Do not forget about accessories. For example, a contrasting long light scarf on the shoulder effectively ends and transforms the whole image, giving lightness to the whole figure.

V-neck dresses and blouses

A V-shaped neckline visually extends the shape, emphasizing the chest.

Long sleeves

When gaining extra pounds, not only the abdomen and hips appear, but also the hands become full.

Stylists suggest masking them with long sleeves or a spectacular shawl.

Tops and blouses without sleeves are better not to wear, they will only emphasize the fullness of the hands.

Flared clothing

The best way to hide the shortcomings of the figure with clothes (sweaters, dresses and coats) in the Empire style.

Reference! Empire style is a style where the flare comes from the chest, the silhouette is "trapezoid".

This technique will help to hide the stomach and lush hips.

We distribute the volume

The female type of figure is an hourglass (shoulders equal to hips). If the waist does not stand out too much, it is important to determine the area where the volume should be added.

To visually reduce the hips, you need to wear loose blouses, shirts, and vice versa.

Creating optical illusions

An important stylistic device is striped fabrics or ornaments. Horizontal stripes are visually filled, and vertical or diagonal - stretch the figure.

Advice! When choosing strips, you must pay attention to their width. The larger the woman, the wider the strip should be.

The ideal length for lush ladies is midi. She draws a silhouette well, hides flaws. A flared midi dress with vertical patterns or monochrome colors will decorate your wardrobe.

If you follow these simple tips of professional stylists, you will look fashionable and attractive at any age.