At sea after 50: how to put together the perfect wardrobe

There is an opinion that true female beauty unfolds with age. And with proper self-care and the right choice of wardrobe, a woman after 50 can and should look stylish and effective . Someone can argue about the beauty of adulthood, saying that over the years the number of wrinkles increases, and the figure is no longer the same as in youth. But with suitable clothes, makeup and hair, a woman after 50 years old can bloom. And this is noticeably best on vacation, when the very atmosphere and nature give the female image a special charm.

Do you already know a place on the coast where you will relax? So it's time to pack your suitcase! Our task is to provide for everything that is needed to look stylish in a variety of situations.

We collect the basic suitcase at sea

Rest is the time when the wardrobe is of particular importance. At work, we mostly go in an office suit, standard clothing that suits the general environment. And on vacation, you should not be afraid to change the usual colors, styles and models of clothes and shoes .

On the contrary, it is possible to create an unusual wardrobe, try to vary the image to one degree or another. Moreover, the sea allows you to enjoy an informal style, bright outfits and light fabrics that make the image much younger.

To the beach


Of course, first of all, they will pay attention to the swimsuit . We recommend taking two to the beach - indoor and outdoor .

Do not think that after 50 you need to cover up the flaws of the figure and wear only a closed beach suit.

Modern fashion offers a wide variety of swimwear.

Important! A woman can choose such models as monokini, tankini, bandini, classic bikini model, swim-dress. Each of these models emphasizes certain advantages of the figure and allows you to look stylish at any age.


Be sure to recommend taking a pareo or beach sundress . It will help to look stylish and hide the flaws of the figure.

In addition, you should not forget that even on the beach there are places where it is nice to sit with a glass of wine or a cocktail. And it is better if the lady in this case will have a beautiful beach dress . It can be either a bright color or a restrained neutral hue.

Advice! Clothing in a marine style will not only suit the style, but will also help a woman look younger.


An important detail of the wardrobe is a hat or a baseball cap . And you can pick it up as a contrasting color, and to match the beach suit.

It is best to pay attention to products made from natural material . The headpiece should breathe and protect from bright sunlight, which is undesirable for the skin of a mature lady. In addition, it will help avoid sunstroke, protect against overheating.


At sea, you need to take comfortable shoes. Pay attention to models with a low heel or wedge . Shoes should primarily protect the feet from injuries and dirt (be hygienic, breathable, comfortable).

And the best material to choose is synthetic . It can easily withstand washing and sanding. In addition, such shoes can be used in the shower, if you decide to rinse after bathing. It is important to choose a model that is non-slip, comfortable on the foot.

Ask in advance which coast in the resort (sandy, pebble). With this in mind, make a decision whether to take a more open or closed model, a thin sole will suit you or it is better to choose a thicker one.

Advice! If you go on vacation for a short time, and there is not much space in your suitcase, entrust one more role to beach slippers - slippers for a hotel room.

For outdoor activities

Surely on the beach you will find a group of the same beautiful ladies doing yoga or Pilates, aerobics or just medical gymnastics. Join now!

And before that, do not forget to check for T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts in your luggage! And, of course, sneakers or other types of sports shoes come in handy.


Of the accessories on the sea, you need to take a large towel, a bright beach bag, sunglasses and a protective cream. This is the very minimum of things that will make you feel comfortable at any resort.

To walk

While on vacation, you often find that it is not well equipped for walking. We will learn from mistakes!

In the suitcase should be things from our list.

  • Light pants, shorts. The material may be cotton, linen, knitwear.
  • T unique or shirt that emphasizes the dignity of the figure.
  • Lightweight windbreaker, jacket or cotton cardigan - for evening walks when the air is cooler.
  • A sundress or a summer dress of free cut will become one of the indispensable things for a summer vacation. What will it be: natural cotton fabric, linen, thin denim or knitwear - you choose.
  • From shoes it is worth taking a look at light athletic sneakers, soft ballet shoes or sneakers.

Important! You should not take shoes that you have never worn on vacation: it should be checked to avoid pain in the legs, inconvenience and calluses.

In a restaurant

An evening at a restaurant in a resort is always an unforgettable event. Or maybe a new relationship! In the evening it's time to shine! Therefore, clothing should be different from ordinary, resort.

For dinner, it’s good to come in an elegant dress, a beautiful suit . Suitable options may also be:

  • top and pants;
  • jacket and light skirt;
  • sundress and cape.

Advice! You should not choose a dress that is too short or with a large slit, if you feel uncomfortable in such clothes.

Any, even the most rigorous outfit, should be supplemented with accessories : jewelry, an original handbag, high-heeled shoes or wedges.

If you like scarves, use them to make an original outfit for a restaurant.

It is worth remembering that when relaxing in a seaside resort jewelry is very appropriate. And when to decorate yourself, if not on vacation!

Important! Do not forget massive bracelets or a couple of original earrings. They will create a special mood.

Useful Tips

We decided on the basic suitcase. But rest of each of us will not be basic, but individual. How to take this into account when compiling a wardrobe?

Find out the weather forecast

You should definitely take care of a waterproof windbreaker, denim jacket or raincoat if you are going on a short vacation.

Weather on the coast is very changeable, inclement weather can happen suddenly. In order not to deprive ourselves of a walk during cold weather and to protect ourselves from rain, in addition to an umbrella, we take a jacket with us. Moreover, modern fabrics make it light. And she will take a little space.

Yes, and shoes for such weather will also be needed!

We focus on local traditions

When preparing for a trip abroad, you should also learn about the traditions of the country where you will spend your vacation.

If short dresses, shorts, and too revealing outfits are unacceptable in the country, then even tourists when leaving the hotel are not recommended to open their legs, chest, arms too much. This is done not only in order not to provoke the local population, but also to demonstrate respect for the host country and its traditions. So, an elongated skirt, a blouse with a sleeve, you will also need.

Have a nice rest!