School uniform of celebrity children

The first bell is a joyful event for children and adults. The meeting with the first teacher remains in the memory of the child for life. Prepare for this event in advance, come up with a hairstyle or fashionable haircut. They do the form separately. All parents try to choose a beautiful, comfortable and practical model. Famous moms and dads are no exception.

In preparation for the first of September 2019, let's see what the stars saw their children off to school in previous years.

What school uniform do daughters of celebrities wear

For such an important event as the first bell, star parents prepare carefully, thinking through every little thing. So it turns out that they are setting new trends in the world of school fashion.

Ksenia Borodina

The TV presenter took her daughter Maria to the prestigious gymnasium named after EAT. Primakova.

Important! The rules of the gymnasium require students to wear a pleated skirt, a strict business jacket and a red striped tie.

But a white blouse can be with any decoration or embroidery. With this outfit, white nylon stockings and stylish bow-hair clips that complement the look look great.

Edgard Zapashny

The famous trainer escorted his daughter Gloria, not one, but the whole family. The girl was in an ordinary school dress: a white guipure blouse with an elegant frill and a black, slightly flared skirt to the knees .

The classic costume was complemented by white nylon tights and elegant bow hairpins.

This version of the school suit is convenient and functional.

Reference. It is not hot in the guipure blouse, the skin of the child breathes and does not sweat at high temperature. And the black skirt is not remembered or contaminated during children's games at a fun break.


Let's look at the school outfit of the daughter of the singer Glory. Mom opted for an elegant black sundress in combination with a white blouse.

Reference. A sundress is always practical, it does not slip from the waist of a child, does not squeeze the stomach, it is comfortable and not hot in it.

In cool weather, you can wear a warm sweater instead of a light blouse. The child will always be warm and comfortable in such clothes.


Margarita, the daughter of another famous singer, put on a beautiful deuce to school. Comfortable pleated skirt with high waist goes well with the original vest with large buttons .

The luxurious lace collar of a white blouse gives the ensemble completeness and sophistication. Fashionable bow-balls complement the image, and guipure socks with lace are in good harmony with the blouse.

Ani Lorak

But the daughter of Ani Lorak is studying at the Pavlovsk gymnasium. Therefore, a blouse must have an embroidered chevron.

Mom chose a cheerful blue checkered skirt for her daughter. The flared style gives the child freedom, does not constrain movements. The color is non-marking, but bright and saturated.

Obviously, celebrities prefer convenience and practicality in clothing . The main thing is that the child should not be hot or cold. And the clothes did not constrain movements and was comfortable for the girl.

What do the sons of famous parents go to school

The boy also needs attention. Then on the line everyone will see a real little gentleman.

Irena Ponaroshku

For her son Seraphim, the TV presenter chose an elegant suit of an unusual spotty black and white shade. And also complemented the outfit with a black shirt, so it turned out a fashionable and stylish option.

In such clothes the boy will not be hot on a sunny day, and in cool weather he will be warm and comfortable.

Maria Kulikova

The son of the beloved actress is studying at the First European Gymnasium of Peter the Great. Mom prepared for him a classic blue jacket with satin lapels and a chevron of the gymnasium.

The jacket is complemented with gray trousers and a bright red tie . The image is completed with a stylish hairstyle and a casual shirt.

Andrey Burkovsky

The artist dressed his son elegantly and fashionably.

Reference. The dark blue three is the most functional choice for the student.

When it's hot, you can take off your jacket and be in a vest. And on a cold day, a jacket will protect the boy from hypothermia. Stylish bow-tie gives the image a festive and elegance.

As can be seen from this brief analysis of the school uniform of star children, parents mainly prefer the classic options, comfortable styles and practical colors. Complement the image with a stylish hairstyle or original bows for girls, unusual ties and haircuts for boys.

Following the examples of our favorite stars, you can dress your child no less fashionably and stylishly. The main thing is that the baby should be warm, comfortable, and not afraid to stain a new outfit.