School uniform 2019: what parents need to consider

Question to parents of current schoolchildren: did you like walking in uniform? In fact of the matter! Remember this when you buy clothes in which your children will study. Of course, the form is practical, but you must admit that in youth you want to dress not only practical, but also beautifully. It’s good that today there is such an opportunity. You just need to choose the right model.

We will show that clothes for students do not have to look boring and inexpressive.

What should be clothing for students

First you need to figure out what conditions the form should meet.

Important! Educational institutions can independently establish types of clothes for students. Schoolchildren are usually instructed to wear business style clothing.

  • For boys, the compulsory set includes trousers, a vest or a jacket .
  • For girls, a skirt or trousers with a jacket, a sundress, a dress are recommended. Heels above 4 cm are prohibited. Lettering, glitter, large print are not welcome.

Not such a strict framework, is it? True, your general education institution may add something of its own. For example, set the color of the costumes. Usually this is some kind of restrained muted shade of blue, gray, brown or burgundy. Or ties, school badges.

Important! Particular attention should be paid to the fabric from which the shape is sewn. The material should hold its shape well, be hygroscopic, breathable. Additional conditions - durability and ease of care.

Now let's see how you can combine these business clothes with current fashion requirements.

What fashion trends 2019 are appropriate in school uniforms

First, pay attention to the fact that the rules usually do not spell out what exactly you need to wear all these cardigans / trousers / skirts for. That is, an acid-colored T-shirt with a big SpongeBob on the chest or a blouse with sequins and a huge neckline are obviously excluded. But shirts, blouses, turtlenecks of different shades are quite acceptable .

And, you see, they can be very different from each other! With large collars, cuffs, discreet prints, in a checkered, striped pattern, with patch pockets, unusual fasteners ... Well, how did the fantasy work?

Or here is the notorious skirt (sundress or dress). Remember how many of their styles exist. Straight and flared hem, with cuts, with frills, with folds, with a large belt, etc.

At the peak of popularity, the following trends are now:

  • print in peas, a cage or a small strip;
  • contrasting collars and cuffs;
  • bow ties;
  • high waist;
  • ruffles and ruffles;
  • pleated skirts;
  • sheath dresses.

Agree, these details allow you to make ordinary school outfits interesting and varied.

School uniform for girls

We proceed from general considerations to a specific sequence of actions. She will tell you how to choose a school uniform for young ladies.

First, think about what will be more convenient for your child? For a “little girl” who cannot sit still for two minutes in place, it is better to purchase trousers and / or a wide skirt that does not constrain movements.

But dresses are usually directly in contact with the skin, and they will have to be washed much more often. Accordingly, this option may suit a neater older girl who already realized the need to carefully monitor her appearance. But not a little robber.

After you pick up the “basic” uniform kit, think what blouses or turtlenecks will complement it.

Here are the most fashionable options for the upcoming school year.

School uniform for boys

With boys it’s easier and harder.

Easier because they have fewer options. In any case, they have to wear trousers - stock up on several copies of this element of clothing. They can be straight or slightly narrowed . Now in fashion is the last option.

It’s more difficult, because it’s not so easy for a boy to look original in such conditions! And do not think that the desire to stand out due to appearance is exclusively the prerogative of girls. Boys also often want this, and how!

How to do it? Firstly, it is possible to take advantage of an interesting combination of vest and jacket . If you make their tone contrast, it almost always looks very advantageous. For example, such “boring” colors as light gray and dark gray in a pair unwittingly attract the eye.

Secondly, take a look at plaid or striped shirts .

Thirdly, do not be afraid of non-standard colors. How about beige, honey, light olive things? Maybe your child will like them?

Fashion accessories that can be combined with a school uniform

After the main components of the school uniform are acquired, you can take a little breath. But still, you should not completely relax. Ahead is still a selection of accessories to complete the image.

For boys, a stylish belt, watch, satchel, tie can become a complementary detail to the image.

Girls have wider scope for imagination. They can complement their outfit with not too catchy earrings, bracelets, hairpins and bows, a scarf or a neckerchief.