School Fashion 2019

The new school year rushes to us, and with it the “headache”, as it would be better to collect and dress a worker of the mental front. If this is a freshly baked student, then more questions arise. Or maybe they introduced a form at your school this year?

Advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms

There has already been much convincing evidence in favor of the form, but the debate has still not subsided. Many opponents allegedly argue that form kills a person. This, of course, is not true. Especially in the modern world of fashion for school uniforms, in order to become faceless, we still have to try. And this is a huge plus of today's fashionable novelties.

Another positive point: form promotes team spirit. Can you imagine a team of athletes in different outfits? So it is here. And it doesn’t matter whether you are from a rich family or from a poor one, in the face of “His Majesty the Knowledge” you are one of the team. And, by the way, experts in the study of this area noted that children in uniform learn a little better than in free vestments.

IMPORTANT! With form, time is saved, oddly enough. For example, a student does not think every day what he is wearing today. And he doesn’t discuss with classmates who, what, and for what money he has dressed.

An important plus is cost savings. The wardrobe is strictly marked and there is no need to spend money on extra outfits.

Another form accustoms to the business style. Especially boys are difficult to accustom to a jacket and tie.

Cons too. If the school has a strict dress code with a restriction on filling out the form, then the child does not have the opportunity to express himself. Also, cut and shape styles are not suitable for everyone, and another style is prohibited. It’s bad if girls are forbidden to wear pants. Then in cold weather you have to either freeze or change clothes.

What colors will be in trend

In school uniforms, trend colors change annually. And good: every year there is something new, it enhances the joy from the beginning of the school year. Another conversation, if your school has a certain color, and you don’t really specialize.

REFERENCE. You can use the parent committee to resolve the issue with the color and style of the form in accordance with the trend.

So what colors are relevant for this school year? As always, the peak of popularity is a dark blue color. The color is unique and beautiful. On the one hand, it has a representative appearance, on the other - it is not as official and prim as black.

The next popular color is burgundy. The main thing is to choose dark tones with beautiful shades of Marsala, wine and berry.

INTERESTING! In the form of burgundy color, children are more active and engage with great desire.

This year, stylists have advised a dark green color for the form, plain and deep tones. It is believed that green calms and does not distract.

Well, the gray color in different colors and prints. There may be a strip, a cell, or even patterns.

Fashionable clothing styles for school 2019

For girls:

  1. A popular place is occupied by a pleated skirt, which looks good both on high school students and on girls of elementary grades.
  2. It will be comfortable in sundresses. Universal element of the school wardrobe. Its cut is so diverse that it allows you to maintain the individuality of the image.
  3. The mass market also offers beautiful dresses, both with a detachable bodice at the waist and an A-line.
  4. If you are “lucky” with the school and there is permission for the girls to wear trousers, then there are a lot of beautiful models. And in a warm climate, shorts are also relevant.

And, of course, blouses, blazers, jackets, vests, pullovers, sweaters and various accessories. Boys are more modest, but elegance and cut are at their best.

For especially “advanced” schools, designers offer business suits made of denim. It does not look trivial, comfortable and businesslike.

How to dress a schoolboy

Nevertheless, the content of the wardrobe in senior and lower grades is slightly different. What to choose your child?

Choose a form for elementary grades

Pupils of elementary grades are still an overactive contingent. Often they have a knocked-out shirt from trousers, a tie at the back, a skirt that has made several revolutions around the waist. Therefore, for the form of primary classes, both convenience and practicality are important.

Girls can choose beautiful and free dress-sundresses that will look good without blouses, and with them. Dress-sundress can be detachable at the waist and with a pleated skirt. It is convenient to wear a T-shirt under it if the child is hot, and a long sleeve shirt, and a turtleneck. It is imperative to have warm cardigans to the middle of the thigh for both girls and boys.

ATTENTION! Sometimes, in order to save money, we buy things for children to grow, but this is wrong: in baggy large clothes, the child will be uncomfortable and looks ugly.

Also be careful with oversize. In children, he rarely looks good.

Boys in elementary grades can refuse a jacket so far, it is better to get a two: trousers and a vest. And also stock up on shirts, turtlenecks, pullovers and jumpers.

IMPORTANT! A jacket for a little boy to wear for several hours will be uncomfortable and unusual. Therefore, you can come up with an alternative: a knitted cardigan jacket.

What outfit suits high school students

High school fashion is already an imitation of an adult business style. Closer to graduation, the school allows more freedom for expression in everyday school clothes.

Boys strive to choose suits with original finishes and cuts. Skinny and cropped trousers. Different colors of trousers and a jacket. Stylish vests and beautiful sports-style cardigans with an embroidered school logo. More and more teenagers prefer three-piece suits.

High school students can be advised not to buy ready-made sets, but to assemble a wardrobe separately: a pleated skirt of the required length, a pencil skirt, fashionable skirts with a high waist.

If school fashion allows, be sure to choose your style pants. They will be comfortable in cool weather.

IMPORTANT! Do not buy your daughter tight-fitting pants. Firstly, in a business style this is bad form, and secondly, they will make a remark to you. This is especially true for chubby girls.

Choose the top in color combination with the color of the whole shape. Do not forget about cozy cardigans, sweaters and jackets. By the way, now it is very fashionable for young people to wear an oversized jacket with a short skirt or skinny trousers. If there are no objections from the school, then help the child choose the right oversize.

IMPORTANT! In oversize style, the body should be wide and loose, and the sleeves and neckline should be exactly sized. Otherwise, it's just a thing from someone else’s shoulder.

Ideas of interesting images

Junior classes. Girls.

  1. Dress pants in dark blue. A thin knitted sweater of milk color of loose fitting. Belt at the waist, shoes.
  2. The same trousers, an elegant white blouse with lace sewn on the bodice, gathered on an elastic band below and on the sleeves, a lace stand-up collar with a dark blue lace bow.
  3. Dress-dress in light gray in a blue and red check. Under the sundress, a dark gray longsleeve, red tights, gray boots and a dark gray cardigan.

High school students.

  1. Girls. Midi black skirt in a large crease, a white knitted shirt of a figure tucked into the skirt, a black ribbon tied under the collar. On the feet are white converse.
  2. The boys. Black skinny trousers, fitted white outfit, black tie and white sneakers.

Of course, during the year you have to buy and change something. It would be nice to make the form arouse a desire to go to school, and not be a sentence. Let the right choice of school uniform help your child to improve academic performance and please you with your success!