Scandalous images of Alla Pugacheva

What do we represent Alla Pugacheva? Most will immediately present a baggy hoodie dress and voluminous curls. This image was the hallmark of Alla Borisovna for more than two decades. Then bright accessories, platform shoes began to be added to the image, and hoodies were replaced by less voluminous dresses, miniskirts, shirts and cardigans.

Now the prima donna appears mainly at social events of her friends. And the outfits were replaced by the latest trends in youth fashion. But to Alla Borisovna, such outfits do not always go well, which causes numerous disputes both between stylists and between ordinary inhabitants of forums on the Internet. Some support the mega-star of the Russian stage, noting its eternal youth and positive, while others do not want to put up with images that are inappropriate for age and image.

TOP 5 failed outfits

"Princess' dress"

Not so long ago, Alla appeared at the event in a dress of bright pink color with accessories inherent in children's dresses. At the same time, the dress also had an open neckline and a very immodest length. Such an image was not very popular with the fans of Pugacheva and her colleagues on the stage. The dress unfavorably emphasized the far from ideal figure of the singer and demonstrated the bad taste of Alla's stylists. Alla herself was justified by the fact that she spends a lot of time with her children and simply could not resist the idea to go out in such an outfit.

Cheeky mini

At one of the many New Year's Eve, the Primadonna appeared in a mini-dress with a belt at the waist. Recently, the star likes to wear a mini, but this dress was too short. So short that one extra movement - and the public would see what they should not have seen. And the belt only added flaws to the image - a wide accessory completely concealed the singer’s waist.

Grandma's tablecloth

The third image in our selection is a bright pink dress-hoodie with white stripes and frills, in which the Primadonna appeared several years ago at one of social events. White boots on an open-toe platform complement the look. An underskirt with lace peeking out from under the dress resembles a nightgown. Stylists will definitely not call such a combination good, and netizens compare it with an old tablecloth.

Dress "from a travel bag"

The prima donna has never been known for her love of classics. Her dresses and skirts have a radical length: either mini or floor. The second - just about the fourth image. A massive fluffy dress on the floor certainly does not look easy and elegant. Black color only adds heaviness to the image and extra years of the singer, and the individual details of this dress are generally perplexing. We are talking about the "cloak" on the back and the checkered skirt in front, which begins unclear where. The image completely eats up the singer’s figure, and the materials from afar resemble the duo of a garbage bag and a large plaid bag. Such an image was chosen by Alla Borisovna stylists for one of her many exits on the stage.

Red tutu

The latest image, which still makes the viewers argue, the singer presented recently: at her farewell concert in the Kremlin Palace.

Reference! The concert was organized in honor of the 70th anniversary of the singer.

This is a combination of a black turtleneck, a bright red tutu skirt and mischievous ponytails. All this was complemented by a daring black belt at the waist. Such an ambiguous outfit, some netizens called a set of things that first came to hand. The hairstyle of the singer was not appreciated: two high tails, similar to those usually worn by elementary school students, did not fit into the image, according to many viewers. But fans believe that such a hairstyle is quite suitable for the singer. Good or bad, this bow has become the most talked about.

These are not all the scandalous images of Alla Pugacheva. Almost every appearance in public causes a storm of criticism and positive comments. One thing is indisputable: the Primadonna loves attention and her every appearance, especially recently, is a ready-made topic for discussion in fashion magazines, on the Internet and on TV shows.