Satin ribbon do-it-yourself bow tie

Often situations arise in life when an outfit or costume urgently needs an interesting accessory. In such cases, the best solution would be to make a butterfly with your own hands, which has been a classic decoration since the 19th century. In this article, we will look at how to make a butterfly out of a satin ribbon.

Which satin ribbon is suitable?

There is no need to complicate the problem and buy various materials in the store; just buy two skeins of satin ribbon of different widths: one thin (about 1 cm), and the second thicker (3-4 cm).

What is needed for manufacturing?

To make a butterfly, we don’t need a lot of materials, enough stationery and the ribbon itself. So, scissors, glue, threads with a needle will be used in the work. Also useful is a lighter or matches for processing fabric.

A strip of 1 meter in length will need to be cut from a wide tape, and 60 centimeters from a narrow one. Of course, you can ask the employee in the store to immediately cut the desired length if you are sure that the atlas will never come in handy again. However, the experience of needlewomen suggests that you always need to have stocks of various materials. It is possible that you can make a mistake and somehow spoil the material, so it is better to play it safe and take more immediately.

Important! If for some reason you do not have a thin tape, you can work with a thick one, just bending inward.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a bow tie

Let's consider several options.

Simple butterfly

  • The structure of an ordinary butterfly consists of two simple bows of various sizes. To create the first, you need to measure a segment of about 25 centimeters, for the other - up to 40 (we specially purchased a tape with a margin of 2-3 butterflies).
  • A shorter piece needs to be folded in half while it is necessary that the ends are one after another.
  • A few seams are made along the middle, tightened, and a couple of revolutions of the tape are wound in the middle for fixing and an aesthetic component.

A large bow is made according to the same principle, after which it proceeds to create a base that will fix the butterfly. For this purpose, a thin piece of ribbon will fit, on which our bows are attached. We choose the thin tape so that it can be easier to hide under the collar of the shirt .

  • For the base, measure out the necessary part of the tape, sew the hooks to the edges. In order to avoid scattering of edges, it is recommended to scorch them with matches or a lighter.
  • At the final stage, you need to combine the two parts of the tie that we made. To do this, flash them in the center and wrap this place with a neat patch. The work is completed!
  • Hooks for fastening can be changed to Velcro or special buttons.

Like this:

In order to make the product seem even more unique and special, you can use ribbons of different colors, ribbons with prints and drawings. Feel free to experiment. You can accessory can be decorated with various beautiful stones and rhinestones, lace patterns, various decorative elements. The most important thing is to choose the right combination of colors and shades .

Practice shows that the classic butterfly, which is also made by hand, has a good effect, competing even with popular brands of accessories and jewelry .

Butterfly for the girl

A butterfly for a girl is made according to a similar principle as men's options. Keep in mind that it is now quite fashionable to wear red butterflies with a white speck or a pure red tone . However, the black color remains a classic even in a women's suit, it is only important to use it correctly in combination with other elements of the wardrobe.

Unlike the male version, here you can safely experiment with decorating the product . To do this, find the right material for decoration, prepare a glue gun. It is desirable to work with ribbons of two different colors. From pieces shorter, you need to make bows and sew their ends, then turn them around and stitch them in the center. Then you need to wind the thread on the line and gently pull the two sides together.

To create the tie itself:

  1. you need to take a long piece of tape and bend it in the middle at an angle so that the sides are 90 degrees apart;
  2. then fold in half, getting a triangle, to maintain the structure you need to iron it with an iron. We proceed to the collection of the entire butterfly;
  3. bows are attached to the tie, a little hem the lace to the bows;
  4. You can glue the beads gently onto the butterfly with a glue gun. Other jewelry will do, the main thing is that they are not very small and hold well.

As you can see, you can make a very beautiful accessory at home, without putting much effort. Believe me, doing something with your own hands is much more pleasant than buying, besides, your butterfly will be a kind of exclusive, if it is beautifully decorated.