Sandals or sandals: what is the difference and what to choose

Sandals and sandals have seriously and permanently settled in the summer wardrobe, becoming a successful addition to almost any outfit. These open shoes allow you to fully enjoy the warmth and freedom of summer. And what is needed in the summer - sandals or sandals? Is the difference between them so great? Let's try to figure it out.

Similarities and differences - what more?

Sandals most often do not have a heel, and their sole is attached to the foot with laces, ribbons or straps.

Sandals are more like shoes with a partially open foot.

Yes, they are similar, so confusion often arises in speech. Let's unravel it together!

What do sandals and sandals have in common

  • It is worn only in summer, in warm weather.
  • Shoe on a bare foot, although you can also find combinations with socks.
  • Most of the foot remains bare, maintaining a comfortable temperature and not overheating.

IMPORTANT! Opponents of sandals with socks make convincing arguments: the foot should be ventilated, and in cool weather it is better to choose closed shoes. It is worth listening to them.

What are the differences between sandals and sandals

  • Sandal models are designed for children, women and men, and sandals are considered only a female option!
  • A significant difference lies in the sole . Sandals have a thin sole, they either do not have a heel at all, or have, but are very small. Sandals are diverse: a platform, wedge heel, heel of any height up to dizzy stilettos.

How to make a choice: sandals or sandals?

This is a really tough question for any girl! Versatility allows you to combine outdoor shoes with any sets of summer wardrobe. The tone of the ensemble sets the shade of shoes, and the list of suitable clothes is huge:

  • skirts of any length;
  • light dresses;
  • sundresses;
  • shorts;
  • pants;
  • jeans.

When to choose sandals

This popular shoe is truly versatile . Young ladies and ladies of a respectable age, owners of a model figure and “donuts” can wear sandals.

TIP! Owners of mouth-watering forms should look at the options on the heel, the platform and wedge heel visually increase the fullness of the legs and shorten them.

They put on such shoes in the office and on a date, on a city walk or on a shopping trip . When choosing a specific model, it is important to follow the rule: shoes should be comfortable ! We focus primarily on our own feelings, we do not allow the leg to be in a compressed state.

TIP! For an evening out in the summer it is better to opt for a model with a stiletto heel.

When to choose sandals

This shoe is indispensable for long walks, as it allows you to make march-throws over long distances. Sandals are perfect for skirts and shorts.

And to create a romantic image, you can look at the “gladiators” with lacing, they are perfectly combined with airy dresses made of light fabrics.

Fashion trends of summer shoes-2019

Stores offer a variety of models. To choose fashionable, you need to know what trends are relevant this season.

Fashionable shoes pose two tasks for fashionable shoes:

  • match the style;
  • provide comfort for the feet of the hostess.

This year, designers pleasantly pleased us with new trends!

Fashionable sandals for the summer of 2019

Fashion is permeated with urban and fantasy motifs, fabric and plastic are actively used to create interesting solutions for heels or straps. Fashionistas will love the abundance of color and decor. There are several ultramodern and beautiful directions that have become trends.

  • Fringe makes shoes especially elegant.

  • The cork sole becomes trendy.
  • The yellow color of the sun will delight even on rainy days.

  • Retro still does not leave the catwalk.
  • The notes of Japanese culture are relevant, they are manifested in the combination of open shoes with colored tights.
  • Transparent shoe details are at the peak of popularity, you need to take a closer look!

What sandals are relevant for the summer season-2019

  • Ties and lacing combined with a thin sole.

  • Sporty style is still in trend. This allows you to combine outdoor shoes with cotton socks or golfs. The interlacing of the straps of various textures and sports clasps give originality and chic.

  • An ideal option for parties is the platform.

IMPORTANT! The platform should be chosen by short girls, it allows you to make the figure more elongated and slim.

  • Bright colors become very relevant: fuchsia, carrot, orange and blue. They can be found in monochrome or combined in patterns. The imagination of designers is unlimited, so on the shelves of shops you can find truly amazing items.

Fashion dictates its own rules, the classics are still alive and do not lose ground. In summer, you want brightness and airiness, and modern trends allow you to wear luxurious things with an original design. The most important thing is that a woman feels easy and beautiful!