Ryabinka costume for a girl with her own hands

Now in all children's institutions the season of balls, matinees and carnivals is open. And the parents knocked down, looking for a special costume for the beloved child, in order to create a unique image for him, his beloved. But not everyone is shopping.

The most conscious mothers are sitting at home, trying to create a unique masterpiece with their own hands .

One of the non-standard, but very attractive ideas for the little princess is the image of a mountain ash - bright, colorful, unique!

Of course, you will spend precious time, but the party for the baby will be simply unforgettable!

What does the Ryabinka costume consist of?

A tree can be portrayed simply by dressing a child in brown leggings, golf wood tones .

The main highlight of the look will rightfully be a colorful wreath with bunches of mountain ash for girls and a crown, a hat with berries for children.

Artificial rowan branches can be bought.

To increase the effect of the image, you should slightly tint the lips of the baby.

Necessary materials for the Ryabinka costume for the girl

We will need:

  • material for the skirt;
  • petticoat, you can creolin;
  • rubber;
  • application of berries;
  • tapes;
  • scarlet beads;
  • wreath;
  • real or artificial berries.

Step-by-step instruction for manufacturing the Ryabinka costume

If available, remove the white blouse from the cabinet. Stick or sew the applique on the sleeves, and glue it on the red ribbons. Scarlet rowan beads will become a bright accent of the image, you can collect real berries on a string, you can replace it with jewelry from round beads.


2 options are suitable:

And with snow-white linen material in scarlet peas, cut a circle with a radius similar to the length of a skirt with the addition of 16 cm. In the middle, cut a circle with a radius of 14 cm. Insert an elastic band and hem the hem. To make the skirt much more magnificent will help a petticoat made of starched cotton or creole. We cut it like a skirt.

The flared skirt from red material also looks no worse. Cut leaves of mountain ash from malachite velvet. Make them pretty large, about half the length of the product flared. It is advisable to sew them to the belt. If on the street you can get natural berries, they should decorate the belt. Or replace natural wealth with beads.

On snow-white golfiki, pantyhose wash scarlet beads. Decorate your child’s shoes in the same way.

How to make a wreath (diadem) on the head of mountain ash?

The main accent of the costume is, of course, a hat .

There are many more options here:

  1. It is clear that if weave natural berries, it will be beautiful. If possible, take a bunch of rowan berries and secure with a satin ribbon, which is wrapped around the head, making a modest bow at the back.
  2. If the mountain ash season is over, get a white ribbon and decorate with a thematic applique. Glue the berries, branches, leaves. The material will be at your discretion - from paper of a suitable color to berries from beads and leaves from fabric. It all depends on desire and tastes.
  3. A mountain ash wreath is the most preferred option. On dark winter evenings, a photograph with warm notes will cheer up anyone, and your child will be in the spotlight at the holiday. So, we interlace the real mountain ash with autumn leaves, branches, other berries and beads. We fix each part of the wreath on a wire, weave it and wrap it around the hoop. In the wreath you can weave both real and artificial berries from the store.
  4. Do not forget about other jewelry on the head. Girls can make a rim of autumn leaves and mountain ash or a real crown.

Hair ornaments

Suitable for this costume:

  • hair clips;
  • hats with berries, etc .;
  • live berries, leaves, beads, fabrics, ears of cereals, fruits.

Now let's pay attention to other nuances.

Girls definitely need jewelry:

  • scarlet catkins;
  • bright beads;
  • round bracelets.

Not a single detail can be missed!

If you want your princess to feel happy at the children's party, take the trouble to do your best. Sew a costume that will be remembered next year, so it will amaze the imagination! And he will thank the child’s grateful face for efforts!