Russian shoe brands that are no worse than foreign

Looking for a new pair of shoes, each buyer is guided by their individual preferences. Some have fashion style in priority, others have durability, and price is important for others. However, each person invariably seeks comfort, convenience and quality. To get this, it is not necessary to lay out a significant amount for the import model. After all, there are Russian brands that not only look no worse, but also provide comfort at the level of foreign ones. Which ones? We will talk about this in our article.

Advantages of Russian manufacturers

First, let’s figure out how good domestic brands are.

Climatic conditions

The biggest advantage of our manufacturers is the ability to take into account the particular climate of the country and produce goods that best meet the needs of its residents. Unlike Europe, the weather in Russia is famous for cold winters and long off-season. Therefore, products of domestic brands are usually warmer and moisture resistant.

Quality in accordance with GOST

In the Soviet Union, all the factories and plants worked in accordance with GOSTs. And most of them to this day strictly comply with the requirements of state and industry standards .

Therefore, contrary to stereotypes, products of domestic production are often distinguished by quality and durability . Although inferior to many foreign brands in terms of design diversity.

Reasonable prices

Finally, the absence of many production costs and the costs associated with the export and import of goods allows domestic producers to set relatively low prices compared to their foreign counterparts.

Russian shoe brands that you will like

Let's get acquainted with domestic brands.

Important! Many Russian brands have foreign names, so buyers often perceive them as foreign.

Ralf ringer

Despite the name, successfully disguised as a German brand, Ralf Ringer is a domestic manufacturer with shoe factories in Russia in Moscow, Vladimir and Zaraysk.

Products have a discreet and not very diverse design .

However, consumers note the high quality and durability of products of this brand.

Eber klaus

Like Ralf Ringer, Eber Klaus is dusting the eyes of a Russian consumer with a foreign name. Although this brand is also completely domestic.

The company produces high-quality and durable products from natural materials.

Reference! Eber Klaus is one of the leaders in the middle price segment of the market.


The Tula shoe factory, located in the city of Donskoy, has been producing high-quality women's and men's shoes for more than 20 years .

Important! The quality and durability of products is achieved through the use of first-class European equipment and strict compliance with GOST requirements.

Due to the fact that the ToF brand keeps fairly low prices at a high level of quality, the products of this company are always popular with the Russian buyer.

Francesco donni

For most consumers, the brand name Francesco Donni is associated with high-end elegant shoes from Italy. However , the brand’s activities are conducted entirely in Russia .

The company declares natural materials used in the manufacturing process. This confirms the first-class quality and durability of products of this brand.

Carlo pazolini

Despite the high cost, Carlo Pazolini shoes are very popular among Russian consumers.

The brand offers first-class quality, relevant, fashionable design and a wide range of models.

The company's production lines are located in Eastern Europe and China. However, Carlo Pazolini can be considered a completely Russian manufacturer of shoes of impeccable quality.


Formerly specialized in imports from Hungary and the Czech Republic, today the Tervolina brand produces shoes for the whole family in the middle price segment. And it offers customers both casual and classic models .

Today Tervolina is one of the most developed shoe chains in Russia.

Help Under the Tervolina brand, more than 200 stores are open. The company's factories are located in Tolyatti, China and Europe.


Camelot shoes can be safely classified as a mass market .

Important! The manufacturer produces inexpensive products from non-natural materials and holds a strong position among budget brands of shoes.

Stylish, copying the design of foreign brands, Camelot boots are popular among young people and have excellent reviews on the ratio of price and quality.

Tj collection

Along with Carnaby and Chester, the TJ Collection brand belongs to English immigrants in Russia .

Today, these three brands cover a wide segment of the market, which includes classic, youth and casual shoes. TJ Collection find their customers, thanks to the high quality of their products.


Founded in 2001, the Russian brand Burgerschuhe is based in St. Petersburg.

The brand specializes in the production of informal shoes made of genuine leather, suede, and textile.

Despite the laconic and restrained design, the brand's products are well-deserved among connoisseurs of quality and reliability.