Russian designers are preparing collections specifically for AliExpress

AliExpress is a large trading platform for goods from China on the Internet. They say that no matter what surrealistic nonsense you may have dreamed about in a bad dream, it is probably already sold on Alik. This online service is also famous for its low prices . It is especially nice that most sellers here can ask for a discount. Yes, and free shipping pleases.

Now this Internet giant of cheap goods is agreeing to work together with a number of Russian designers. We are talking about the development and sale of branded lines of clothing and accessories.

What benefits do the Chinese and our compatriots plan to derive from such a partnership? And, of course, the main thing - how will all this affect us, ordinary customers? Let's get it right.

Why is AliExpress teaming with domestic designers

What does AliExpress want as a result? Predictably enough - this site expects to attract new customers .

It is desirable those who have priority not a low price, but the desire to look fashionable and stylish.

Important! The service does not like that a significant part of the Russian market perceives it as a cheap online flea market.

That is why Alik is not negotiating with any abstract Russian designers, but with the most eminent and interesting for the youth audience.

Our compatriots probably want to promote themselves and their brands in a new quality. After all, AliExpress is a very popular trading platform.

Reference! In Russia, this site is now one of the ten most popular Internet services.

We can say that this plan has already partially worked. After all, there are no new clothing collections yet, and we are already actively talking and writing about designers!

The calculation of the project participants seems flawless. And we are very happy for them, but it’s interesting nevertheless, how will all this movement affect us?

Attention! Good news: cheap goods from Alik from China will not go anywhere. Just appear more and luxury Russian for those who wish.

Another good news: now admitting that you dress on AliExpress will not be embarrassing even in a very pathos company.

Project participants

From Russia, in this endeavor, several large brands have managed to light up so far.

Igor Chapurin, Fashion House Chapurin

The name of Igor Chapurin is well known in the fashion world.

  • Clothes with the Chapurin Fashion House brand were chosen by Lyudmila Putin and Svetlana Medvedeva, Alina Kabaeva and Naomi Campbell, Kristina Orbakaite, Whitney Houston and many other celebrities.
  • Among the most interesting achievements of the famous designer, I want to mention that he, as a costume designer, collaborates with the Bolshoi Theater .
  • In 2005, Chapurin launched the world's first ski suit line in the world of high fashion.
  • Another entertaining project that you may have heard about is a clothing collection in the style of the Bumblebee movie . Fans of this film universe were delighted! Hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers turned out cool.

Attention! In the framework of cooperation with AliExpress, Igor Chapurin promises to release a limited line of basic clothing and accessories in March 2020.

It will be very interesting to see how it will look. No less interesting how much the collection will cost.

Ricky Group of Companies

Another participant in the project is the Ricky group of companies, in other words, the creators of the famous Smesharikov.

Their most obvious achievement, of course, is the same animated animated series. But, besides this, the company is engaged in the production of games, training programs, books, magazines, printing products ... They have a lot of projects in their work.

Attention! For “Alik”, “Smeshariki” promise to release a capsule collection of clothes, which will include T-shirts, sports dresses, sweatshirts and so on. Specific dates have not yet been announced.

Sasha Frolova

The artist, sculptor, alternative miss world 2014 - a bright personality and famous in the artistic hangout. On her account there are several very interesting sculptural exhibitions from latex, the performance “Aqua Aerobics” and many other art projects .

Attention! A collection of basic clothes and accessories for children and adults from Sasha Frolova will be available on AliExpress very soon - November 11th.

Even from this short list, it can be seen that Aliexpress does not approach the question in a stereotyped way. And most likely, this is just the beginning. In the future we will probably hear many more big names in connection with this story. And be sure to make more than one bargain!