Running shoes: which spikes are better?

Running every year is becoming an increasingly popular sport among both professionals and amateurs who wish to maintain their health in good shape and body in good shape.

To achieve results, it is necessary not only to observe the technique of all running exercises, but also to choose the right equipment. For running, and especially for short distances, special sneakers with spikes are created - studs.

How do running studded sneakers differ from others?

Studs stand out from other types of running shoes. First of all, they were created specifically for playing sports on asphalt or stadium running surfaces . Their main feature is the presence of spikes, thanks to which a strong adhesion to the coating is created.

An undoubted plus is that the kicks during movement occur more efficiently, the risk of injury is reduced . The overall load on the feet and spine is reduced.

Light weight is an advantage of this type of shoe. In other models of sneakers, there may be a thick sole or they are completely created for engaging in another sport. The studs are made of thin but durable and breathable fabric with a thin sole and usually not too bulky exterior design. Their ergonomics are exactly what you need for a successful workout.

Rules for the selection of running studs

When choosing shoes for running, many novice lovers pay attention only to the stylish design and popularity of the manufacturer. All this, of course, is good, but we must not forget about the functionality and purpose of the studs. Among the main rules for choosing spikes for running, one can distinguish:

  • security. They should hold the leg well to avoid injury;
  • quality. Sneakers should be stitched tightly, and the spikes should be well fixed so that under loads they would not break through the sole and pierce the foot;
  • spikes material. The best option is a steel stud, and the spikes should be fused to the sole, and not just fixed on top;
  • convenience and lightness;
  • right size.

How to determine the size?

One of the important criteria when choosing studs is their correct size . Be sure to measure several pairs of shoes from different manufacturers before you buy, in order to understand which shoe is best for you.

A studded leg should not dangle freely from side to side. She should sit tight enough in a sneaker, but not be squeezed on the sides, in length or in lifting. If it seems to you that the shoe is squeezing your fingers, then it is better to abandon it in favor of another model or size so as not to damage them when running.

In general, the approximate size of running shoes can be calculated from the size chart. It is enough to measure the foot in centimeters and compare this number with the size designation in the table. For example, if your foot length is 24 cm, then your shoe size is 38.

Different brands have errors in the size of the studs. If you order shoes online without trying on, check the specific size chart of this company on the manufacturer’s website.

How to understand that he made the right choice?

If the sneakers-studs for running sit tightly on the foot, the fingers do not pinch, do not press on the heel, but the leg does not hang out - you made the right choice. Also, for a good mood during training, we recommend buying shoes that you like not only in functionality, but also in appearance.

Brands that deserve attention

Consider several manufacturers who, according to consumers, produce the best studs for running:

  • Asics is a Japanese brand in the sales market since 1977. The best models are Sonicsprint, HYPERSPRINT 6;
  • Mizuno is also a Japanese specializing in the sale of sports goods. Models Wave Kaze 4, Tokyo are ideal for running on rough terrain, for sprint races, they allow you to quickly gain speed, but they are reliable and strong;
  • Adidas is a world famous German brand. He uses only advanced technologies in his sneakers: a synthetic breathable mesh, a strong holding plate in front, sometimes removable, but durable spikes. Pay attention to the Sprint Star 4 and RLH Cross models;
  • Nike. The brand uses modern threads when creating studs, so that there is no longer a problem of slipping the foot, and the foot is held tight in the shoe. The sole flexes flexibly up and down. The best options are Zoom Victory and Zoom Rival Waffle.