Rules of style that will help make an Italian husband

Italians are rightfully considered trendsetters. Designers from Italy are considered the leaders of world fashion, and Italian men know how to look elegant and stylish in any situation. At the same time, their style is so sloppy and simple that it creates the impression of the first outfit worn on himself. Experienced stylists claim that every man can dress like this if desired. It is only important to know the key points of creating a fashionable image.

Italian style laws

The Italian masculine style is built on simple details that play an important role in creating each look. Men pay a lot of attention to them and skillfully create accents, making everyday sets unique and attractive.

What you should pay attention to when creating an Italian style:

  • outfit color;
  • prints used;
  • footwear.

Important ! Properly combining even the simplest things, you can get a stylish and attractive bow that is suitable for everyday business or going to work.

Italian men are no worse than women are able to understand the difficulties of creating a stylish bow. A sense of style and elegance in their blood. Let's try to understand what needs to be done so that the husband looks like an Italian.


The Italian costume is based on three primary colors - black, brown and purple. Men from sunny Italy are happy to wear a similar color scheme and prefer it to others.

However, our compatriots need to pay attention not only to the color and style of the costume. The color type of the young person should be considered. For example, blondes and the fair sex with fair skin, such colors are categorically not suitable. They get lost in them and look frankly stupid.

In this case, it is better to choose close, but more blurry shades, so as not to create a sharp contrast. Men with naturally dark skin, such colors are quite suitable.


Italians are very original in the choice of outfits. Along with classic black trousers and a white shirt, they may well prefer a jacket in a small red and white cage or replace the shirt with a polo in a wide white and blue strip. And it always looks stylish and unusual.

Often used things with a small floral print. Do not think that this is an unacceptable outfit for a young man. Such jackets and shirts look very masculine and favorably set off the exotic appearance of Italians.

A cell that does not lose popularity is always at the peak of fashion. Large plaid blazers or dress pants with this original print can perfectly complement your office or casual look.


Italian men always prefer natural and expensive materials. Shoes are no exception. It must be fashionable and expensive. It is better if it is a model of leather or suede.

Important ! Fashionable expensive shoes are an indicator of the status and impeccable taste of any man.

Choose several pairs of shoes made from natural materials so that you can combine them with different outfits. An important detail is socks, they must necessarily be combined with the selected shoes. Otherwise, the harmony of the image will be broken.

How Italians combine or not combine clothes

In every wardrobe of a self-respecting Italian fashionista, there are always things of the Dolce & Gabbana brand. Our compatriots should also pay attention to this popular brand.

Most Italian men prefer classic combinations of stylish shirts and trousers with matching shoes. You can complement the set with a fashionable jacket or pullover. Rustic bows with the use of jeans and T-shirts, which are so beloved in our country, the Italians do not favor, probably this is what distinguishes them from Russian men.

To look stylish and fashionable, like an Italian fashionista, you do not have to buy all the things in a branded boutique. It is enough to buy several sets that could be combined with each other and create new images every day.