Than the rubber sole in sneakers is bad

Not every one of us thinks that sometimes a convenient and most comfortable pair of shoes that has become beloved does us harm. And sneakers in recent years have become very popular with young people of both sexes.

There is a double opinion : experts say that you can’t always wear shoes without heels, arch support and anatomical insoles, and users constantly deny the need for such orthopedic shoes for young people. Let’s figure out who is right and who is wrong.

A rubber sole on sneakers is dangerous, but how?

Initially, sneakers were invented as sports shoes for physical education and hiking. That is, they are absolutely not intended for prolonged wear, especially in urban environments and heat in the summer.

The main disadvantages of this, at first glance, the most comfortable shoe are:

  • the top of the shoe, which is absolutely breathable: after a couple of hours of continuous wearing, the legs begin to sweat;
  • a flat sole that does not allow air to pass, does not remove moisture and does not allow the foot to “breathe”; it is made of rubber or soft plastic;
  • lack of heel and instep, which affects the setting of the foot of a person.

Everyone knows that sneakers are very comfortable and almost imperceptible shoes. But not everyone attaches importance to the fact that with such advantages it is very dangerous.

The foot, clamped for many hours in such a shoe, is completely devoid of air flow and moisture removal. As a result, various health problems may occur, in particular, fungal lesions, joint pain, and their deformation, the growth of the so-called "bones".

I can’t ignore ... or can I?

We are used to the fact that rubber-soled shoes are very practical. It is almost not felt on the leg, allows you to move quickly and easily, tolerates frosts and wears out slowly. In addition, in most youth images, sneakers fit perfectly in the ensemble. Girls wear such shoes with jeans and trousers, as well as with dresses and shorts.

But you can’t ignore the danger of wearing such shoes! With prolonged exposure to soft rubber, the skin is covered with perspiration, which does not have the ability to freely evaporate, leaving the foot dry.

Fungal diseases very quickly affect the nails and skin with the constant wearing of such shoes.

In addition, the soft rubber sole does not save the foot from the effects of sharp stones, rough roads and other dangers that await us on the road. The whole blow takes on the foot, which cannot but have a negative impact on it.

People suffering from joint diseases often choose sneakers for their convenience and ease, but this choice is wrong. Sneakers only exacerbate the painful condition, contributing to the growth of "bumps" and pain in the joints of the legs.

Ignoring the problem will cause leg diseases to become a constant companion. Even if nothing is bothering the young man yet, later on, putting on sneakers regularly, he will feel all the disadvantages of wearing sports shoes in everyday life.

How to avoid danger?

In order not to become a victim of fashion and not to spoil your legs in ultra-practical shoes, you need to use gym shoes exclusively for their intended purpose. That is, do not wear them regularly, going to the store or for a walk. Sneakers are designed for sports or outdoor activities.

Sneakers are perfect for:

  • physical exercise in the fresh air or in the gym;
  • hiking in the forest, park and other places in order to increase stamina and improve health.

The main thing to remember: you need to wear sneakers for a limited amount of time without abusing practical shoes. They are not intended for everyday looks and should not be included in the basic wardrobe.

Adhering to the basic rules for wearing sneakers, you can not worry about your health and enjoy life. For regular wear it is better to choose more comfortable and no less practical shoes, for example, orthopedic sneakers or boots. They will become no less comfortable in your wardrobe, which you don’t want to take off.