Round bags - fashion 2019/20

Do you live by the principle of "I carry everything with me"? Dreaming of an original and roomy handbag? Do you like unusual design solutions? Then feel free to buy round news. We will tell about their advantages below.

Large and small round bags 2019/20

The appearance of these accessories, we are obliged to fans of hats, which stored them in special boxes. This packaging attracted the attention of masters in the XVIII century. They began to be trimmed with cloth or leather, decorated with beads and beads, and even equipped with handles.

Unique gizmos have become a real calling card of designers of past centuries. But the idea of ​​creating handbags, called "drums", arose only at the beginning of the XX century . And they immediately gained popularity among fashionistas of high society.

Women gladly carried them to important receptions and took them to the theater with them .

Particular attention of the beautiful half of humanity is now attracting semicircular leather and suede “saddle” bags of the cowboy style.

Famous brands of bags

Famous fashion houses offer a whole collection of round bags from quite large and roomy to miniature pieces. Accessories from Nina Ricci, Chanel, Mulberry, Mansour Gabriel will satisfy the taste of any, most capricious fashionista .

Bag from the Nina Ricci collection.

At the peak of modern fashion, medium-sized monochromes on a long strap, decorated with rhinestones, rivets, shiny details.

Important! Lush ladies are suitable for small models of a flat shape, while it is too thin to choose something from medium and large volumes.

Choose quality handbags made from natural materials. And remember:

  • small round handbags are the best choice for a party or a romantic date;
  • anything bigger looks great with suitable casual wear.

On a note! To be stylish is simple, the image should combine several round elements. Otherwise, the bag will become just a bright tasteless spot.

Fashion trends 2019/20

The collections of the last season are full of a variety of colors and sizes. At the height of fashion, style and creativity.

Among the design brands include:

  • leather model with perforations and carvings;

On a note! Be careful not to damage the openwork pattern and not lose the treasures hidden inside.

  • woven straw baskets are the best choice for a beach holiday and summer walks in nature;

  • an unusual combination of practicality and naturalness will give bamboo products to the female image;

  • current trend - tight and waterproof transparent plastic ;

  • Textile bags attract fashionistas with their lightness and wide selection of colors.

There is nothing more interesting than the embodiment of their creative ideas. Feel like a creator! Do needlework! Creating summer and spring looks, you are unlikely to get by with one model.

Crocheting round bags of yarn with a hook is a great way to express yourself . A lot of girls are already passionate about this art. But such an activity requires a lot of time.

It is much easier to try on a paper sketch of the right size to make a choice in the same online store.

A round women's handbag has long been very popular all over the world.

She is loved for her extraordinary style and spaciousness. Do you want to be fashionable, and always have at hand all your “treasures”? Then this is a win-win option.