Right or left? We are looking for the best place for a brooch

For several seasons in a row, the brooch is at the peak of fashion . And no wonder, because this is one of the brightest and most memorable accessories. Each woman, having this thing in stock, thinks about where the jewelry will look most spectacularly.

Right or left: tradition and modernity

Initially, a certain place in the women's outfit was established for the brooch. She was fixed on the left side of the clothes . Thus, expensive jewelry was kept closer to the heart. But most likely, the choice of side was explained by the convenience of fastening: taking the jewelry in the right hand, fastening it on the left was easier.

The modern fashion industry and mores are more loyal. Traditions have changed. The accessory can be seen in the most unexpected places. Of course, the traditional options remain. However, there is no clear answer to the question whether to wear on the right or on the left.

Important! It is better to fix the brooch in the place where you need to focus. For example, being in the neck, she will attract interest in the face, and in the neckline - to the bust.

This accessory is also attractive because it suits women of any age, social position and style. It is worn by both secular ladies and young students with pleasure.

The most suitable places for brooches

The same accessory can be worn with different things. He is able to decorate different clothes and give the image an originality. We will tell you how to wear a brooch.

On dress

With the help of jewelry, it is easy to create spectacular draperies, each time forming new intricate textures. There are some nuances that women need to know.

  • The brooch is usually worn on the side of the dress, slightly below the shoulder line.
  • She is well suited to dresses with a boat neckline, dressing gowns, as well as models of a shirt style .
  • Spectacular large items can give evening wear along with sophistication and chic.
  • Funny animal models will soften a business office bow.
  • When choosing an asymmetric outfit, for example, with one sleeve, fasten the jewelry on the more closed side.
  • On a sundress or an open dress, it is better to seat the decoration in the middle of the bodice.
  • Being at the waist, the accessory will help emphasize the perfect figure.

On the blouse

Traditionally, the accessory was used to decorate the blouse.

  • In the usual version, it is located on the side.
  • Vintage models are worn in the central part, pinning them off the collar bow .
  • Paired jewelry with chains connecting the corners of the collar looks unusual. They are specially created for shirts of a classic cut.

  • Over the course of several seasons, wearing jewelry right under the collar remains a trend, resembling a necklace. The shirt should be fully zipped.
  • But a miniature brooch will touchingly look on an airy chiffon blouse if you pin it a little higher than the corner of the collar .

Reference. The brooch looks inappropriate against the background of embroidery, rhinestone and other decorative elements.

On a jacket

According to the rules of good taste, the brooch should be fixed on the lapel about 10-15 cm below the shoulder level . She can also decorate a large collar . The main thing here is to take into account the proportions. Indeed, on a wide lapel, a tiny brooch is simply lost.

Massive accessories should also be handled with care. It is important that they do not deform the severity of the lines and do not pull the fabric down.

Tip. If the lapel is narrow, then the brooch can be pinned next to it, for example, in a pocket.

Several brooches made in a single style solution or colors will look spectacular on a jacket. This looks especially unusual on simple models of a muted shade.

On the coat

Brooches decorate even outerwear. The accessory will add originality to the bow and diversify the familiar look. For a fur collar, a vintage stone decoration is an ideal choice . It is important that it is not lost in furs. Therefore, it is better to choose a large product, but you can experiment with color .

Important! The accessory should be the only bright accent of the image. Otherwise, the lady runs the risk of looking vulgar.

Additional options

There are many other ways to effectively attach a brooch and give a new look alongside.

  • Often you can see a scarf decorated with a brooch. She also fixes the place of his bend or corner.

  • It takes a hat or hat, too, easily decorated with an original brooch, suitable in color and style. In this case, it draws attention to the face and hair.

  • The accessory looks unusual on bags . It is better to use textile shapeless bags so as not to spoil the leather or varnished surface .

  • The jewelry on the belt or belt looks interesting. Moreover, you can attach several of the same or different accessories to it at once.

Each woman can independently choose a place for the brooch based on personal preferences and proportions of the figure. The modern fashion industry welcomes a bold and extraordinary approach . The main thing is to take into account the size of the decoration and the density of the material.