The ridiculous wedding dresses that everyone laughed at

Wedding celebration is one of the main events in the life of any woman. And on this day, everyone wants to be the most beautiful in order to attract people's eyes. But sometimes the bride in her desire to stand out comes to the point of absurdity. And instead of an elegant and beautiful princess from a fairy tale, an absurd and funny clowness appears. In support of this, let's look at a few examples from life.

When a wedding dress doesn't decorate

A lot of photos are walking on the net that can be set under one slogan: “Do not take an example from these women!” After all, the first thing that comes to mind when you look at them: they did not look at all in the mirror, otherwise they would not look so ridiculous.

Let's see why it happened.

The dress does not match the shape or the wrong size is chosen

The bride from this picture looks like she was wearing a dress from the prom. Moreover, this celebration took place in kindergarten! Not only does it look childish, the outfit also emphasizes its completeness .

Excessive neckline that slides out of the voluminous hemispheres

At first glance, you will not say what the reason for this embarrassment is. Maybe the weak lacing of the corsage is to blame or the straps of the bodice are stretched. But it seems that the dress is about to expose the already not particularly attractive chest .

The outfit does not take into account the features of the figure

As a result, the bride’s chest looks too small, and the shoulders, on the contrary, are excessively large . And also this ridiculous train. Such attire turns the bride into a small song from a second-rate cabaret.

An outfit that hides little

Reference! According to the rules of decency, a dress is allowed to expose one area: the neckline, legs or back.

The combination of several exposed areas is a sign of vulgarity.

Dress beyond decency

The next outfit of the bride goes beyond reasonable decency and leaves no room for male imagination.

It seems that the girl in the picture just wrapped herself in a narrow piece of matter, and with the slightest movement or blow of the wind, he will fly off her.

A dress in which everything is ridiculous

This robe is striking in its absurdity! Red-white color, hem, reminiscent of a ballet tutu with a tail, and an incomprehensible design on his feet!

The last feature gives the appearance a special disharmony . This design resembles lace gaiters.

Dress in which there is a lot of superfluous

From the outfit of the last heroine I just want to tear off all that is superfluous.

Due to the abundance of frills, ribbons and artificial buds, the outfit resembles a beggarly rags, which were sewn from what turned up under the arm.

Examples can be ad infinitum! Many strive to create an unusual image that will be remembered by the participants in the celebration for many years, but often do not notice how they cross the line between stylish originality and ridiculous extravagance .

Important! The bride should personify airiness, tenderness and softness - both external and internal.

Star brides who should not be imitated

Do not think that the absurdity of wedding dresses is inherent in ordinary inhabitants. "Star" brides sometimes dress no less extravagantly . But many girls use celebrity outfits as an example to follow.

Let's see what clothes should not be used as a canon of style.

Marina Anisina

The famous skater preferred to use for her image not only an unconventional color, but also a shortened hem. This turned her into a kind of cartoon character.

Important! For the bride’s clothes, white is considered traditional.

Kerry Bradshaw

At her wedding celebration, she looked like she was wearing someone else's dress.

This fact is especially emphasized by the free bodice, which is bristling with emptiness .

Tatyana Volosozhar

Large floral fragments sewn onto the transparent fabric of the top were supposed to give the appearance of sexuality. But instead, a clumsy, vulgar appearance .

Katie Price

The wedding took place on the beach, where the bride managed to distinguish herself.

Her outfit too reveals a figure, crossing the boundaries of decency: legs and back are open.

Jessica chastain

She kept the traditional cut of the wedding dress, but used the wrong fabric .

Mesh material spoiled the impression of a beautiful cut and slim figure .

Lolita Milyavskaya

The woman loves to shock the audience with her extravagant outfits, but her wedding dress has gone beyond the permissible!

It not only opens a wonderful view of the chest, but also unnecessarily exposes the singer's legs.

Now you know how not to dress for your own wedding so as not to look ridiculous like these brides.