The richest people in the world who dress like homeless people

Representing the richest people of the world in our minds, we create for ourselves a vivid picture with a villa somewhere on the coast from which an elegantly dressed man or woman comes out and sits in an expensive premium foreign car. In reality, you can meet a billionaire who prefers to dress as simply and even often poorly.

How do the richest people in the world dress?

It is hard to imagine, but some of the richest people on Earth in life are the most ordinary people. They do not try to stand out somehow, do not dress in defiantly expensive clothes, and they can often be found on the most ordinary walk in the park. And there are many such celebrities.

Among them:

  • Keanu Reeves. It is unlikely that you can recognize the famous actor in a homeless-looking man with a beard, almost daily going down the subway or having breakfast sitting on the curb. Nevertheless, the actor, who has millions of assets, prefers not to stand out from the crowd, dresses very modestly and behaves appropriately, he has an inexpensive apartment and does not even have his own car;
  • Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of the well-known social network is one of the five richest people on the planet, his capital totals more than $ 70 billion, while a young man can easily be found on a walk in the park with his family or going to the store. He does a lot of charity work, and the clothes on him are always the most ordinary, without pathos and famous labels;
  • Dustin Moskowitz. Mark Zuckerberg’s partner in creating social networks, now he works independently, continuing to develop other instant messengers and social networks. Looking at this billionaire, you can never say that he is one of the richest people on earth: simple jeans and a plaid shirt are the best everyday bow for Dustin;
  • Leonardo DiCaprio. A handsome actor, who is difficult not to recognize, nevertheless, is successfully “encrypted” behind unremarkable clothes. Leo is very fond of cycling around the city, and he can often be seen in sports shorts and T-shirts. In everyday life, DiCaprio also prefers classic jeans and unremarkable shirts, avoiding fabulous shopping expenses;
  • Ingvar Theodore Kamprad. From photographs where the billionaire is often portrayed with his wife, it is difficult to believe that we have a man who moves millions: he looks like a couple, like pensioners from some Russian hinterland. Clothing on them is the simplest and even often tasteless. When flying on an airplane, the founder of IKEA prefers to buy tickets in economy class and generally tries to save in every possible way;
  • Nicholas Woodman The founder and CEO of GoPro looks like "his boyfriend." Plaid shirts and the simplest jeans are the millionaire’s best casual outfit, and you won’t say that his assets contain a lot of money. At the same time, Nicholas is very modest in his requests and does not try to be too pretentious.

Important! All these people made a lot of money on their own, and nothing came to them right away. Hard work and years of hard work are behind their millions.

Having met on the street, it will be difficult to distinguish them from the most ordinary people, and sometimes even from the homeless. Sometimes their clothes are so unpresentable that makes passersby turn away. Maybe that's the calculation?

In any case, the presence of millions and even billions in a bank account does not oblige a person to put on expensive costumes with a “bow tie” every day. Usually, having achieved heights, a person wants to look exactly the way he likes. Therefore, many rich people, despite the opportunity to buy the most expensive things, try to wear their favorite, often well-worn items of clothing.