The return of the dashing 90s. Not again, but again!

The nineties are a cult era. Today it is fashionable to exaggerate the significance of that time, refer to it and take guidelines for drawing up stylish images. Moreover, far from all the trends of that era can be called acceptable. Some of them seem to be indigestible (and are such that it is worth concealing), while others will become a real find . To learn how to distinguish the first category from the second, read this article.

Bad taste or extravagance?

To answer this question, you need to go a little deeper into history. After the collapse of the USSR, people felt an urgent need to demonstrate their independence. His freedom from rules and norms, patterns and boring uniformity. People are so fed up with the monotony that in the literal sense of the word they went along the path of parrots. The more colors, the better . The shorter the shade, the more wonderful. The more asymmetrical the cut, the more fashionable.

Each person really wanted to stand out from the gray mass. Show that fading and lack of personality are a thing of the past. However, uniqueness was far from affordable for everyone . A keen desire to prove himself came across a harsh iceberg of economic reality. As a result, the streets were flooded with strangely dressed faces.

They were far from always worried about the compatibility of the objects from which they made up the images. The main task was to “walk” a fashionable thing, but not its relevance (exception: clothing appeared in a large number of subcultures). The lack of landmarks, or rather, their abundance strengthened the position of eclecticism. So the 90s became a time of fashion without fashion and style without style.

However, do not rush and hang tags. Although 25-30 years ago, people were little concerned with compatibility, and they could make a bow of relevant, but not harmonious with each other things, but the trends themselves at that time seemed very interesting and undeservedly deprived of attention . You just need to learn how to wear them correctly - not like they did in the 90s, but more competently. Fortunately, the current economic situation allows you to choose, rather than blindly take what someone considered fashionable.

90s trends that have returned

Layering, high waist, a loose-fitting trouser pair and oversize clothes - these trends, relevant today, are not really new. Dressed in the same way in the 90s. But if voluminous down jackets and sweaters calmly entered our wardrobes without causing any commotion and indignation, then some other trends literally alarmed the public with their return.

Conversations around vyrviglazny rainbow sports sweaters still do not cease. Yes, and slightly flared velveteen trousers - especially some crazy burgundy shade - are perceived adequately far from always, just like sneakers on a rough platform. Yes, these fashionable solutions are not suitable for everyone and you need to learn how to use them, since there is a high risk of missing and getting into a puddle, but do not abandon them because of prejudice . To begin with, it is worth exploring controversial and scandalous fashion trends, and only then make a decision regarding their use or ignoring.

A lot of jeans

Fashion from the 90s returned to the street with an abundance of classic blue and blue denim. Moreover, combining it with something else is not necessary at all . A denim bottom, a short top (or a T-shirt on strapless straps) and a shirt made of the same fabric - and now you are an incredibly stylish girl who closely monitor all changes in the fashion industry.

If the total bow seems excessive to you, then replace the short top with a checkered shirt or loose t-shirt. Men can never wear anything under a denim shirt . Moreover, it is quite permissible for them not to fasten all the buttons on the jeans - in the 90s, few people were confused by the abundance of naked flesh. The current spring-summer in this regard also cannot be called restrained or modest.

Important! Restraint and a sense of proportion - this is not about the 90s. If a sweater, then 3 sizes larger. If the top, then almost the same as a bra. If denim, then 90%, or even all 100% of worn items are sewn from it.

Denim mini skirts come back with blue denim total bows . They were neither seen nor heard for more than 10 years, but now they are with us again. And that version of them, where the bottom is not cut. Sticking out threads is not just the norm, it is a must-have companion for trendy jeanswear . Including a micro short. Wait for them this summer on the streets of all cities.

Of the trousers, it is preferable that the model with a high waist and with a light flare . Well, the most trendy thing promises to be a denim overalls. With regular trousers or shortened - choose any option, both are at the peak of fashion.

Important! If you are looking for a bold bow, then take a long men's denim shirt that will look like a dress on you, and then put a denim jacket over your shoulders. A rough shoe will complement the image: some shoes.

Big sizes

Throw out regular-fitting tight-fitting T-shirts and warm sweaters that emphasize your curves from the wardrobe. Their place should be taken by stretched wide sweaters and loose long t-shirts. You need to buy jeans shirts one size larger.

Important! If you want to get into 10, then buy sweaters and T-shirts with large logos placed on the chest. Another option: warm sweatshirts with ornaments. The latter, by the way, can be shorter.


She appeared on shoes, shorts, trousers and bags. And she does not have to look neat . First of all, this applies to the "hanging" on jeans wardrobe items. By the way, denim items look great with cowboy boots trimmed with fringe. Examples of bows:

  • light colorful dress, fringed boots, a pair of jeans over the size of the norm;
  • jeans, denim in size, boots with "pendants";
  • jeans, a checkered shirt, cowboy boots, a belt.

Grinders shoes

Massive heavy sole, laces, reinforced toe - these are the shoes that are offered today to be worn with micro shorts, jeans and light dresses (primarily with colorful sarafans - the ultimate dream for grunge fans). Apparently, the brutality and cross-country ability of the “off-road vehicle” level reigned in the city streets for a long time .

Flared pants

Someone compares girls in flared trousers with a wolf from "Well, wait a minute", someone sees a sailor in them. The latter, by the way, are not so far from the truth. The wardrobe item was originally part of the uniform of employees of morphlot. Then in the 60s he burst into street fashion, and returned there again only in the wild and chaotic 90s. And in those days , the trend was flare not from the hip, but from the knee . Now both options are worn.

Important! Today, flared pants from the hip and jeans can be very wide, but flared from the knee is not so pronounced.

Grunge genre

90s - the time of the formation of subcultures, many of which had a musical "specialization". An example of this is the grunge style (aka “marginal chic”). It is based on the stage and everyday image of several cult groups of that time:

  • Soundgarden
  • Nirvana;
  • Alice in Chains;
  • a number of others.

The listed groups played an alternative and often went on stage in emphasized sloppy, almost homely outfits. Jeans with a fringe and discolored knees from their socks, a stretched T-shirt, coarse shoes or worn sneakers, some flannel shirt or a short-sleeved T-shirt worn over a long sleeve t - shirt - this is what the “uniform” of the legendary Kurt Cobain, Nir leader looked like. And he was imitated by millions of people around the world. Moreover, the passion for grunge came to naught only closer to the end of the zero. Now it is becoming megaactual again.

Bright sport

Remember sports from the 90s? In fact, they simply cannot be forgotten, because they combined the following characteristics and elements:

  • bright main background;
  • logos (on the trouser leg, on the chest, on the back, on the sleeves - there are a lot of placement options);
  • fleece (jacket was baggy, although the hem and sleeves came with drawstrings and elastic bands);
  • Contrasting the main background and adjacent lines of the stripes.

The abundance of flowers (or rather their discrepancy and acidity), stripes and hoodie are again among the trends . From day to day it is worth waiting for the return and the cut itself.

Round glasses

For the past 2 years, Lennons have been showing off on the faces of hipsters and the advanced part of youth. Allow yourself such a "highlight", but do not take the first frame that came across . First, carefully examine your face shape and color type. After all, round glasses are a very capricious and complex trend.