Red panties on the chandelier? You laugh, and they attract money!

You always want money! Of course, one cannot say that this is the main dream, but they are always necessary! It seems to be both working and moonlighting, but finance is still lacking. So we think all the time, what else to do. In conversations with friends, they recently exchanged different ways of attracting them. Just in case, like, to be safe.

Well, about the “lucky” coins, red wallets, money trees, we already knew. And suddenly they heard from a friend about the "reliable" way. Moreover, affordable, but frankly, original, unusual and somewhat strange. "Red underpants - on the chandelier!"

At first they laughed at her friend, then at herself, and then they thought, why not! Predictions about marriage are caught in bouquets, and no one considers this strange! Why not catch financial flows with red underpants? It is no coincidence that they say that money is made “out of thin air”!

In general, I’ll tell you that red cowards can, and you yourself decide how to deal with them.

What is the meaning of signs

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the basis of this sign is in the Simoron technique. This is not some ancient magic school. The technique of fulfilling desires with the help of various rituals, most often funny or even ridiculous, appeared in the last decades of the 20th century. It is based on the belief that a person with his optimism and positivity can change his life.

The meaning of the Simoron omens about linen, a chandelier and money is to attract good luck and financial well-being.

IMPORTANT! In order for the ritual to work, the cowards must be exactly red in color and place them on the chandelier.

Simoron magic says that such a ritual is able to attract energy, allowing to achieve a planned desire.

Questions arise

Of course, before that conversation we were not familiar with any Simorons, we had questions. And an advanced friend who already read something about them was looking for answers to them.

  • Why should cowards be exactly red? - The red color of underwear symbolizes the passionate nature of the owner, his wealth and generosity.
  • What does the chandelier have to do with it? - The founders of the Simoron teachings consider the chandelier to be the highest point of the living quarters. The main energy of the residents living in it is concentrated on it.
  • Do you need cowards? - Yes! Only this element of underwear favors the quick fulfillment of desires, symbolizing passionate openness.

Note! Changing the ritual is not recommended! The rate of positive changes in financial condition is reduced or does not occur at all.

Confidence in a positive result helps faith in success. An irresistible craving for wealth should come from an inner impulse to action . Only a properly conducted rite will help to get everything that your heart desires.

The veracity of the rite can be checked on yourself, a friend assured us. You never know? They asked how to do it all.

How to check the sign yourself

To attract financial well-being and love, the detachment must comply with special rules.

What to throw on the lamp

  • You can hang any panties in red, at least for men, at least for women. But this should be the personal underwear of the person who performs the ritual!
  • The color of the linen should be saturated red .
  • Women will be lured by lace inserts on their underwear.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the model. She can expand the boundaries of desires and attract not only money. Classical products are good luck in family life, and for well-being in your personal life, you should choose a thong.
  • A new purchased item is washed with powder or soap with the smell of citrus fruits or sea buckthorn.

Which lamp to choose

  • For the ritual, a chandelier is suitable in any of the rooms, except for the kitchen and bathroom .

Reference! If there is no chandelier, you can use a floor lamp or a table lamp.

How to catch money

  • Fans of Simoron are funny people. Therefore, they believe that it is possible to accompany the rite with a coined slogan that attracts love and money. It can be either poetic or prosaic.
  • Throwing a frank accessory is offered with one hand, left or right as desired . Some throw a foot.
  • The duration of the presence of underwear in limbo depends on the desire of the person himself.
  • You can get the desired result both at the new moon and at any time of the day. The only thing you should pay close attention to is a positive attitude during the magic ritual. A person should be surrounded by a cheerful mood, laughter, while listening and singing the words of any dance song.

There is no exact waiting period for the effectiveness of superstition. It all depends on the self-hypnosis of a person, his sincere motive to enrich himself, to find good luck in employment, life in general, and love relationships.

Simoron magic suggests not only broadcasting cowards on a chandelier, but also putting it on yourself backwards before going out. Thanks to this, in accordance with the technique of fulfilling desires, the result will not be long in coming. And luck in business and love will certainly come.

But what if?